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Season 1

Jan 01, 2016

With the world of magic being slowly corrupted by Hopeless Energy, Prince Chess flees to the Human World to prevent the withering of the Heart Flower. Three fifth-graders of the Problem Solving Club, Ari, Suha, and Min, finds him as a strange-looking hamster form. They later team up to collect Hopeful Energy to save Flowering Kingdom. Unbeknownst to them, Prince Trump and Shuel, their enemies, are seeking Hopeless Energy.

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Flowering Heart is released in 2016. Watch Flowering Heart all seasons full episodes online - the Korean Animation TV series from South Korea. Flowering Heart is directed by Anna Paik,Chan-Young Park,Shinji Ishihira,Woo-Jin Lee and created by Jong Il Choi with Nancy Kim and Jacqueline Youn.