Don't Pick Up the Phone

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Season 1

Dec 15, 2022

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Don't Pick Up the Phone is released in 2022. Watch Don't Pick Up the Phone all seasons full episodes online - the English Documentary TV series from United Kingdom. Don't Pick Up the Phone is directed by Sara Mast and created by Sara Mast with Buddy Stump and Connie Leonard.

The shocking true crime story of a hoax caller who targeted fast food restaurants across America - posing as a police officer investigating a theft, the caller instructed managers to strip-search the young female employees he said were suspects; for many victims, what began as a humiliating strip search escalated into sexual abuse. When the hoax caller hits McDonald's in Mount Washington, Kentucky, a rookie detective makes it his mission to catch him - what he uncovers is extraordinary. With testimonies from investigators, victims and the people who were duped into committing strip-search crimes, this limited series tells the story of the hunt for the strip search hoaxer, and the victims' search for justice.