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Puberty continues to run amok in the lives of this group of teenage friends attending Bridgeton Middle School. Regrets, reunions, and apologies marked the end of the new year for the friends and their hormones, who manifest and morph into wildly different creatures with wildly different personalities. Andrew is still looking for a girlfriend and grows hornier by the day while Nick is giving up his anger after heartbreak and moving on to new feelings. Jessi and Ali will have to deal with their different levels of sexual experience while Jay and Matthew look set to take their relationship to the bedroom for the first time. However things shake out in the multiple sexual and romantic formations this season, one thing is for certain: the feelings are out to play and ready to make mischief for the terrible teens.

 Season 5

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 Season 4

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 Season 3

Andrew adopts a cocky, cool, kangol-wearing persona for the holiday, which is a delightfully embarrassing display. His Valentine’s Day pursuit is to win Missy’s heart, while the others has their own romantic obstacle to negotiate around in the premiere of Season 3.

 Season 2

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 Season 1

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Big Mouth is released in 2017 and the latest season 6 of Big Mouth is released in 2022. Watch Big Mouth all seasons full episodes online - the English Animation TV series from United States. Big Mouth is directed by Bryan Francis,Joel Moser,Bob Suarez,Andres Salaff and created by Jennifer Flackett with Nick Kroll and John Mulaney. Big Mouth is available online on Netflix and Netflix basic with Ads.

Follows a group of teenage 7th graders, including best friends Nick Birch and Andrew Glouberman, as they navigate their way through puberty with struggles like masturbation and sexual arousal all in the Westchester County suburbs of New York City. Acting as over-sexualized shoulder angels are the hormone monsters: Maurice (who pesters Andrew and Matthew and occasionally Nick), Connie the hormone monstress (who pesters Jessi and Nick and occasionally Missy) and Mona (who mainly pesters Missy). Throughout the series, the kids interact with people and objects who are often personified and offer helpful, yet confusing, advice in their puberty-filled lives including the ghost of Duke Ellington, a French-accented Statue of Liberty, a pillow capable of getting pregnant, a bar of Adderall, and even Jessi's own vulva. They seek out their destiny as puberty destroys them mentally and physically.


Coming of age all over the place.

This little monster is really going to suck.

Hang On. Puberty Gets Even Harder.More