A Touch of Cloth

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 Season 3
Season 3

Aug 09, 2014

A sexy female rookie, Newblood, has joined Cloth's team. At her first crime scene the team discover the body of Cloth's Brother, Terry Cloth, Cloth traces Terry's past back to a remote therapy centre, "The Healery", but Cloth belives this is a cult and suspects Vull, the sinister leader, of murdering his brother. Whilst Vull is being questioned down the station, another shooting occurs in the City of Town. And a case that was already uncomfortably personal for Cloth becomes personaler as he discovers the next victim is an ex-girlfriend. There is a serial killer hunting down people who have a personal connection to Cloth meaning Oldman's life is in danger. Can Cloth save Oldman? Can Cloth save himself?

 Season 2
Season 2

Aug 25, 2013

The City of Town is being menaced by a vicious gang of armed robbers. After one brutal robbery in which Todd Carty is savagely murdered. Cloth assumes the identity of a hardened criminal to gain access to the gang and its twisted leader MacRatty. Meanwhile Oldman is being wooed by Hope Goodgirl, a charismatic and openly bisexual politician hoping to be elected Mayor of Town. In a thrill-packed finale, will Cloth and Oldman defy Goodgirl's homicidal tendencies by defusing the bomb and bringing the evil-doers to book? Or will Cloth end up falling abruptly and bizarrely in love with his wife's murderer, Tom Boss and walking of with him, hand-in-hand, into the sunset? Or both?

 Season 1
Season 1

Aug 26, 2012

An all-encompassing parody of every police procedural ever written, DCI Jack Cloth - a maverick, heavy drinking loner who has thrown himself into his work following the mysterious death of his wife. The damaged, haunted Cloth is teamed with plucky no-nonsense sidekick DC Anne Oldman, Together the pair investigate a series of increasingly grisy murders and find themselves on the trail of a devious killer. As you do, If you're a detective. The case leads Cloth and Oldman from leafy forests to sinister lock-up, from the luxury home of an arrogant TV chef to the cold dissection rooms of a vampish forensic pathologist.

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A Touch of Cloth is released in 2012 and the latest season 3 of A Touch of Cloth is released in 2014. Watch A Touch of Cloth all seasons full episodes online - the English Action TV series from United Kingdom. A Touch of Cloth is directed by Jim O'Hanlon and created by Charlie Brooker with John Hannah and Suranne Jones.