Woody Allen

Woody Allen

writer, director, actor

Woody Allen was born on Nov 30, 1935 in USA. Woody Allen's big-screen debut came with Candid Camera - Season 4 directed by Lou Tyrrell in 1963, strarring Self. Woody Allen is known for Blue Jasmine directed by Woody Allen, Cate Blanchett stars as Jasmine and Joy Carlin as Woman on Plane. Woody Allen has got 145 awards and 228 nominations so far. The most recent award Woody Allen achieved is Yoga Awards. The upcoming new movie Woody Allen plays is A Rainy Day in New York which will be released on Nov 10, 2020.

Woody Allen was born on November 30, 1935, as Allen Konigsberg, in The Bronx, NY, the son of Martin Konigsberg and Nettie Konigsberg. He has one younger sister, Letty Aronson. As a young boy, he became intrigued with magic tricks and playing the clarinet, two hobbies that he continues today.Allen broke into show business at 15 years when he started writing jokes for a local paper, receiving $200 a week. He later moved on to write jokes for talk shows but felt that his jokes were being wasted. His agents, Charles Joffe and Jack Rollins, convinced him to start doing stand-up and telling his own jokes. Reluctantly he agreed and, although he initially performed with such fear of the audience that he would cover his ears when they applauded his jokes, he eventually became very successful at stand-up. After performing on stage for a few years, he was approached to write a script for Warren Beatty to star in: Quoi de neuf Pussycat ? (1965) and would also have a moderate role as a character in the film. During production, Woody gave himself more and better lines and left Beatty with less compelling dialogue. Beatty inevitably quit the project and was replaced by Peter Sellers, who demanded all the best lines and more screen-time.It was from this experience that Woody realized that he could not work on a film without complete control over its production. Woody's theoretical directorial debut was in Woody Allen Number One (1966); a Japanese spy flick that he dubbed over with his own comedic dialogue about spies searching for the secret recipe for egg salad. His real directorial debut came the next year in the mockumentary Prends l'oseille et tire-toi! (1969). He has written, directed and, more often than not, starred in about a film a year ever since, while simultaneously writing more than a dozen plays and several books of comedy.While best known for his romantic comedies Annie Hall (1977) and Manhattan (1979), Woody has made many transitions in his films throughout the years, transitioning from his "early, funny ones" of Bananas (1971), Guerre et amour (1975) and Tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur le sexe... sans jamais oser le demander (1972); to his more storied and romantic comedies of Annie Hall (1977), Manhattan (1979) and Hannah et ses soeurs (1986); to the Bergmanesque films of Stardust Memories (1980) and Intérieurs (1978); and then on to the more recent, but varied works of Crimes et délits (1989), Maris et femmes (1992), Maudite Aphrodite (1995), Celebrity (1998) and Harry dans tous ses états (1997); and finally to his films of the last decade, which vary from the light comedy of Scoop (2006), to the self-destructive darkness of Match Point (2005) and, most recently, to the cinematically beautiful tale of Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008). Although his stories and style have changed over the years, he is regarded as one of the best filmmakers of our time because of his views on art and his mastery of filmmaking.

  • Birthday

    Nov 30, 1935
  • Place of Birth

    Bronx, New York City, New York, USA

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145 wins & 228 nominations

Yoga Awards
The 100 Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared Award
Winner - Special Award
Argentinean Film Critics Association Awards
Best Foreign Film, Not in the Spanish Language (Mejor Película Extranjera)
Winner - Silver Condor
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