Tony Burton

Tony Burton


Tony Burton was born on Mar 23, 1937 in USA. Tony Burton's big-screen debut came with The Black Godfather directed by John Evans in 1974, strarring Sonny Spyder Brown. Tony Burton is known for Rocky Balboa directed by Sylvester Stallone, Sylvester Stallone stars as Rocky Balboa and Burt Young as Paulie. The upcoming new movie Tony Burton plays is Hack! which will be released on Dec 11, 2007.

Tony Burton, who is famous for playing the corner man in six "Rocky" movies, was himself, in real life, a professional heavyweight boxer. Boxing in such avenues as Palm Springs, Los Angeles, and Hollywood, California, the 6 feet 200 pound Burton knocked-out among others, Bob Smith and Denny Chaney. His most important match was an April 4, 1959 6th round knockout defeat at the hands of undefeated LaMar Clark at Palm Springs, California. Clark was the 10th rated heavyweight and had won 38 straight knockouts. Burton gave as good as he got for 5 rounds, but Clark's relentless mauling style finally wore him down.

  • Birthday

    Mar 23, 1937
  • Place of Birth

    Flint, Michigan, USA

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