Tom Wright

Tom Wright

writer, script and continuity department

Tom Wright was born on Mar 08, 1923 in UK. Tom Wright's big-screen debut came with Hannibal Brooks directed by Michael Winner in 1969.

Tom Wright (1923-2002) was a Scottish poet, dramatist, and television writer, who served in World War II as a British Army corporal and on 3 September 1944 participated in the liberation of Brussels. He was then captured by German soldiers in the Ardennes, and served as a POW at the Munich Zoo, where he was assigned to transfer Lucy, the Elephant, to Austria's Innsbruck Zoo because of the threat of the Allied bombing campaign. After the war, he wrote poetry and made a living as a stain-glass window maker for cathedrals. In 1963, at age 40, he earned a Master of Arts in writing from Glasgow University. In 1965, he wrote the one-man play "There Was a Man" written in honor of the Scottish poet Robert Burns. In the 1980s, he wrote the play "Talk of the Devil" which was adapted for film by Armac Films in 2002.

  • Birthday

    Mar 08, 1923
  • Place of Birth

    Glasgow, Scotland, UK

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