Tino Struckmann

Tino Struckmann

actor, producer, writer

Tino Struckmann was born on May 27, 1971 in Denmark. Tino Struckmann's big-screen debut came with E-Ring - Season 1 directed by David Barrett in 2006, strarring Terrorist / Serbian Special Forces Officer / Army Officer. Tino Struckmann is known for Forever Plaid directed by Stuart Ross, Stan Chandler stars as Jinx and David Engel as Smudge. The most recent award Tino Struckmann achieved is California Independent Film Festival. The upcoming new movie Tino Struckmann plays is Mega Shark vs. Kolossus which will be released on Aug 08, 2015.

Tino Struckmann, was formerly known as "Bodyguard -to-the-Stars", is now living the American dream. He was born in Denmark where he attended college and earned his degree in business management and History; he also studied Military history and wrote about it. He came to Los Angeles filled with enthusiasm and aspirations. He slept in his car for months while he learned the ropes of personal protection while competing in fitness and martial arts. After a few years Tino joined the ARMY and later trained parts of the US ARMY in Germany, he also served as a contractor internationally and worked as a bodyguard and tour manager for many international artists, before returning to Los Angeles where he is now lives, by the beach and yet no longer in his car. Currently when not seen on TV Tino is serving with the California Guard.It is interesting to note that the one thing that set off Tino's motion picture career in was the military. He was the lead in a national recruitment commercial that won year's best commercial award. Soon after returning to LA he started as a consultant on a TV show, soon after to be cast as actor on TV series as E-ring, Numbers, CSI and Crossing Jordan followed by more acting roles in Red Belt, Reno 911, The Race to Witch Mountain, Evan Almighty, Ardennes Fury, Mega Shark, Chained, Normandy, Last Rescue and recently took the lead role in Expendable Assets with Jake Busy and Ted McGinley. He's also appeared as a security and military expert on many cable news shows and networks including CNN, Fox, Geraldo, ABC News and Entertainment Tonight speaking on women's safety issues.In 2006 Tino teamed up with renowned writer Warren Lewis (Black Rain and The 13th Warrior). They have produced several films and TV pilots together since and their films have won awards and an Oscar nomination and their feature film; Brothers War, where Tino played his first lead role, was released in 2007 worldwide and has been performing higher than expectations earning Tino now enjoy a blank distribution deal for all his future films, Tino currently produces several feature films every year, with several in development and various stages of production. He specializes in War and Action films as his motto is: Produce what you have and write what you know, and Tino have access to an amazing array of Action Assets; Tanks, Weapons, Planes etc. and is often hired to produce the big battles for other producers. Tino is also looking to Europe to produce several films there, starting with a Viking Saga set on original location.Before retiring from the world of protection Tino wrote a book called Stalked, What You Can Do About It. This informative book is meant to be his legacy and a guide for those women wanting to learn how to better protect themselves and deal with stalking issues. The book is being released in a second updated edition soon and will be published in Europe also. For years since Tino spoke of these matters on TV and hundreds of national radio shows and has now founded the Struckmann Foundation in order to raise funds and create awareness to help rape victims and to help victims of sex slavery, it is worth noting that of all the films Tino produce parts of the profits are donated to charities for women.In his spare time is working on books about Military History, Women's safety and tinkers with custom Harley Davidson's he trains mixed martial arts and sword fighting. He is an active diver and parachutes and always keeps in shape for the next feature adventure.

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California Independent Film Festival
Best Short Film
Winner - Slate Award
The Doers of Coming Deeds (2006)

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