Timo Rose

Timo Rose

producer, director, special effects

Timo Rose was born on Feb 22, 1977 in Germany. Timo Rose's big-screen debut came with Barricade directed by Timo Rose in 2007.

Timo Rose is a German director and producer. He is responsible for movie like "Barricade", "Beast" , "Game Over" or TV Shows like "Nature - The Series" starring Max Evans, or "Mission M Tv" in cooperation with German TV-Star Uschi Glas' son Ben Tewaag. Moreover he is also active as musician and producer for music. He produced songs with artists like Cappuccino, (Cappuccino, Jazzkantine), Tachiles (Jazzkantine, Fresh Familee) etc. Additionally he worked with international musicians and composed a variety of movie scores and themes in cooperation with John Roome (Soundtrack Die Hard 4, Fantstic Four etc.) or Marco Werba (Giallo with Adrian Brody (Predators). In the decade since he began creating films, he has directed more features than any other filmmakers in the German film/ horror scene. Timo's movie "Game Over" has won eleven awards in the USA, Canada and Austria, among others Best Movie, Best Director and Best Female Actors. Timo has been honored with awards like the Goldenen Glibb for the Best Movie, credits for the Best German and International Independent Movie, the Fright Nights award and he was nominated 17 times for other movie awards.

  • Birthday

    Feb 22, 1977
  • Place of Birth

  • Also known

    Timo 'Norris' Rose, King Hannibal


1 wins & 0 nominations

Weekend of Fear, Nuremberg, Germany
Best Film
Winner - Golden Glibb

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