Sylvia Anderson

Sylvia Anderson

writer, actress, sound department

Sylvia Anderson was born on Mar 25, 1927 in UK. Sylvia Anderson's big-screen debut came with Supercar - Season 1 directed by Alan Pattillo in 1961. Sylvia Anderson is known for Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons directed by Alan Perry, Ed Bishop stars as Captain Blue and Donald Gray as The Mysterons. The upcoming new movie Sylvia Anderson plays is Thunderbirds which will be released on Jul 30, 2004.

Sylvia Anderson is the co-creator of a string of hit TV shows through the late 1950s, 1960s and 70s. Her most memorable contribution as an actress is the voice of Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds - one of many series she co-created with former husband Gerry Anderson. Sylvia's talents are evident in the characterization throughout their various series. She was against Martin Landau and Barbara Bain being cast in Cosmos 1999 (1975) but was overruled by ITC chief Lew Grade.The forgotten heroine of Britain's famous TV shows, she's had to watch former husband Gerry take most of the limelight over the years. A fascinating woman with overwhelming talent, she now represents the American network HBO in Pinewood Studios in London, England.

  • Birthday

    Mar 25, 1927
  • Place of Birth

    South London, England, UK

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