Steven Man

Steven Man

actor, producer

Steven Man was born on Jan 26, 1964 in Canada. Steven Man's big-screen debut came with Rogue directed by Tamas Harangi in 2002, strarring Robert Tenant.

Steven Man is one of those remarkable stories we have all heard, but few have lived. As an eight-year child he began making 8mm movies, which he produced, directed and starred in!!! Unexpected financial pressures set in shortly thereafter and instead of continuing with film, he went to work: three jobs, plus school.By his mid-20s, his perseverance started to pay off, he bought his first company, a visual display and float building operation in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, Mansueto Display International Inc. (MDI), and turned the wavering enterprise into an international, award-winning, company. As MDI grew, Steven made time to return to the love of his life - acting for film.A life changing decision to relinquish the companies and be a full-time performer, brought him to Los Angeles and within days of setting his mind to the new life at hand, he landed a principal role in an independent feature and within weeks of that, he had a lead in another... Intense, clever and immensely talented, he ranges from the reluctant hero to the handsome, Machiavellian antagonist. From the Bond-esque CIA agent, "Robert Tenant"; the elegant, manipulator "Jack Stone"; the sympathetic, parapsychologist, "Dr. Ian Tarkovsky"; and the infamous Boston Strangler, "Albert DeSalvo", Steven is a consummate professional. A focused, good-natured performer that directors keep coming back to work with. A professional, a father, a partner and friend, Steven takes his role as being living proof that it is never too late to be all that you could have been, very seriously. He is a throw back to the icons of the Golden Era and will capture your eyes as well as your soul.Under his production company, Manmade Entertainment Productions Inc. with partner, Michelle Czernin von Chudenitz, Steven is developing and producing a full slate of projects (feature films, television, specialty), though which he is seeking out and nurturing new writers, directors and actors. His current goal: to make a film his most precious daughter, Chiara, will want to watch over and over again, because it makes her laugh!

  • Birthday

    Jan 26, 1964
  • Place of Birth

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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