Sharon Baird

Sharon Baird

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Sharon Baird was born on Aug 16, 1942 in USA. Sharon Baird's big-screen debut came with Bloodhounds of Broadway directed by Harmon Jones in 1952. Sharon Baird is known for The Last Page of Summer directed by Tim Ross, Derek Albright stars as Priscilla (boutique lady) and Karen Anderson as Earda Gawguke. The upcoming new movie Sharon Baird plays is The Last Page of Summer which will be released on Feb 01, 2020.

Sharon Baird, best known as Mousketeer "Sharon" on The Mickey Mouse Club (1955), was born in Seattle, Washington, on August 16, 1943 (her brother, Jimmy Baird, also had an acting career, although it was shorter than Sharon's). She took ballet lessons as a child, and showed an aptitude for dancing, later taking up tap, jazz and other forms of dance.In 1950 she won a "Little Miss Washington" beauty contest. The prize was a trip to Los Angeles to compete in the national pageant; she took second place. Her parents found that they preferred the warm, dry climate of L.A. to the cold, rainy one of Seattle and moved there. It was in L.A. that Sharon got a new dance teacher, renowned tap dancer Louis Da Pron. His new pupil showed such promise that he recommended she audition for an upcoming part in a skit involving children on The Colgate Comedy Hour (1950). She didn't get the part, but the show's host, Eddie Cantor, put her under personal contract, and whenever he hosted the show, he put her in it. She eventually tried out for, and got, a part in the film Bloodhounds of Broadway (1952). Cantor had a heart attack in 1952, and without him Sharon's career slowed considerably. She managed to get parts in a few TV series episodes but not much more than that.The 11-year-old Sharon was at a Capitol Records recording session when she was spotted by Jimmie Dodd, who was to be one of the co-hosts of the upcoming Disney show "The Mickey Mouse Club". He urged her to audition for it. She did, and got the part. She had more singing and dancing experience than most of her fellow cast members, and eventually wound up being featured in almost every show in the first year. In addition to her work on the show, Sharon also performed in live shows at Disneyland, and went on the road with some of her fellow cast members.By the show's third year, however, things began to change. Sharon found herself being used less and less, and often just in the background instead of being a featured singer or dancer. When the show ended in 1958, Sharon continued to perform at Disneyland and at other functions with some of her former cast members, such as an Australian tour in 1959. She later performed with song-and-dance man Donald O'Connor in a Las Vegas engagement. The variety show genre was on its last legs, however, and Sharon made ends meet by teaching dancing and enrolling in math and secretarial courses at Los Angeles Valley College, which she attended from 1960-1962. In 1963 she married singer Dalton Lee Thomas, but they separated in 1966, finally divorcing in 1972.Sharon was working as a secretary in 1969 when she got a call from producer Sid Krofft, who offered her a part in his new show, H.R. Pufnstuf (1969). She took it, and was later hired by Krofft and his brother Marty Krofft for all of their subsequent series. In 1975 Sharon appeared at the 20th Anniversary Celebration for "The Mickey Mouse Club" at Disneyland. She appeared as "Frodo" in the animated/live action Le seigneur des anneaux (1978) by Ralph Bakshi and on "The Mickey Mouse Club's" 20th Anniversary Show in 1980. In 1986, however, she appeared in a film unlike anything she had appeared in before: she played--under the pseudonym "S.L. Baird"--a teenage boy whose physical deformity and behavior led him to be called "Ratboy" in the film of the same name, Ratboy (1986). Unfortunately the film was a commercial and critical failure and Sharon returned to performing in children's shows, and appeared in a direct-to-video production called The Mother Goose Video Treasury (1987).She has since appeared in several Mousketeer reunions and at Disneyland's 50th Anniversary Event in 2005. She has remained close friends with former Mousketeer Annette Funicello.

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    Aug 16, 1942
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    Seattle, Washington, USA
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