Shane Ryan-Reid

Shane Ryan-Reid

actor, producer, director

Shane Ryan-Reid was born on Feb 21, 1980 in USA. Shane Ryan-Reid's big-screen debut came with CKY2K directed by Bam Margera in 2000. Shane Ryan-Reid is known for Parallels directed by Daniel Goad, Jonni Shandor stars as Young Amelia and Brittany Blanton as The Lady In Yellow. Shane Ryan-Reid has got 4 awards and 1 nominations so far. The most recent award Shane Ryan-Reid achieved is Independent Shorts Awards. The upcoming new movie Shane Ryan-Reid plays is Alien Planet which will be released on Jun 03, 2023.

Shane Ryan began making films at the age of 7 after his father introduced him to video editing at the age of 5. He made action films in hopes to be like and appear in Jean-Claude Van Damme movies, but at the age of 14 he decided to delve into dramas and movies about troubled kids. Ryan directed his own films simply as a means for being able to act and write. He never wanted to direct.When Ryan was 19 he saw Tim Roth's The War Zone (1999) and the explicit and confrontational Baise-moi (2000). After that Ryan realized he could have an impact with film in regards to things like rape, a subject which has haunted him since childhood. This caused Ryan to become a controversial figure in his hometown when he began making violent films involving sexual abuse. Soon followed underground and indie appeal via the internet before Ryan debuted his first theatrical release in 2007. Academy Award nominated actress Lesley Ann Warren was so outraged by the promotional materials the Laemmle Theatres displayed of Ryan's film that she successfully argued that Ryan's promotions be banned. Then in 2009 the mainstream news and Associated Press attacked Ryan for announcing plans to make a movie about the Stockholm Syndrome, loosely inspired by the current real-life rescue of Jaycee Dugard, with Lia Marie Johnson set to star. Ryan dropped the project to make My Name Is 'A' by Anonymous (2012), a film about convicted killer Alyssa Bustamante, who Ryan felt was getting unfair treatment in the media as well. Ryan makes frequent posts via his Facebook page insisting on Bustamante's possible innocence.Times changed in 2014 when director Albert Pyun (Cyborg (1989)) cast Ryan in his first starring role (in a film other than his own) for The Interrogation of Cheryl Cooper (2014) which then landed Ryan a role in Gregory Hatanaka's Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance (2015) and the upcoming Interstellar Civil War (2017), now placing Ryan in the action category of actors who inspired him to make movies in the first place.

  • Birthday

    Feb 21, 1980
  • Place of Birth

    Canoga Park, California, USA

Known For


4 wins & 1 nominations

Independent Shorts Awards
Best Duo
Winner - Honorable Mention
Check Please! (2017)
PollyGrind Underground Film Festival of Las Vegas
Best Actor
Winner - Achievements in Acting
Best Arthouse Film
Winner - Best Arthouse Film
My Name Is 'A' by Anonymous (2012)
Film with the Most Heart
Winner - Films with the Most

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