Scott Marshall Smith

Scott Marshall Smith

writer, director, producer

Scott Marshall Smith was born on Aug 24, 1958 in USA. Scott Marshall Smith's big-screen debut came with Men of Honor directed by George Tillman Jr. in 2000. Scott Marshall Smith is known for Men of Honor directed by George Tillman Jr., Robert De Niro stars as Master Chief Billy Sunday and Cuba Gooding Jr. as Chief Carl Brashear. The upcoming new movie Scott Marshall Smith plays is Camera Store which will be released on Dec 09, 2016.

Scott Marshall Smith is a US writer and director born in Monterey, CA and raised in the Midwest. When Smith first arrived in LA he joined Panavision Hollywood as a founding executive where he eventually rose to Director of Marketing. Smith's experience at PVH rewarded him with an invaluable grasp of cinematography as he supplied cameras to many now legendary film-makers such as Academy Award winners Quentin Tarantino and Emmanuel Lubezki. After five years at PVH, Smith's screenwriting career began to grow.Hired at Paramount to write "Men of Honor" and by Disney to draft an action thriller for director Tony Scott, Smith left corporate life to begin writing full time. In the ensuing years, he enjoyed the rare privilege of earning sole credit on three of his produced features as well as selling and performing assignment work on over forty screenplays for every major studio -- Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Fox 2000, Universal, Warner Bros., Sony, Disney and Miramax.Smith has worked with numerous Oscar nominees and winners such as Robert De Niro, Edward Norton, Marlon Brando, Charlize Theron, Cuba Gooding Jr., Hal Holbrook and Laura Dern.Able to work in a variety of genres, Smith has written small, intimate films as well as big budget tent poles in excess of $90 million.A graduate of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, he began his career in entertainment working for storied commercial and music video director, Bob Giraldi. Smith spent four years learning production on Manhattan's mean streets before leaving Geraldi Productions to pursue his writing career in Los Angeles.Smith's long time passion project, Camera Store, also marked his producing and directorial debut. It was released theatrically in East Coast markets in December 2016, and premiered at the Palm Springs Film Festival in January 2017. Ultimately, the movie was picked up by Netflix.Today Smith is the president and founder of entertainment company Bourbon & Cigarettes and is working on a number of rewrites and original projects, splitting his time between LA and London.

  • Birthday

    Aug 24, 1958
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    Monterey, California, USA

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