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Savannah Stehlin


Savannah Stehlin was born on Mar 06, 1996 in USA. Savannah Stehlin's big-screen debut came with The Family Stone directed by Thomas Bezucha in 2005. Savannah Stehlin is known for Sleeper Cell directed by Nick Gomez, Michael Ealy stars as Darwyn Al-Sayeed and Oded Fehr as Faris al-Farik. The upcoming new movie Savannah Stehlin plays is Low Low which will be released on Feb 14, 2019.

Born March 6, 1996 in Jacksonville, Florida, Savannah began her acting career at the age of 2 in the nationally televised Fort Lauderdale Christmas Pageant. By the age of 4, she had landed the part of a soloist in the Emmy Award winning 2000 Fort Lauderdale Christmas Pageant. Savannah performed in 15 shows, each with a live audience of 3,000 people. Following the pageant, Savannah began auditioning for commercials throughout Florida and within a short period of time was booked on a non-union Burdines commercial. By the age of 6, Savannah had booked several national commercials. While working on a Publix commercial, Savannah came in contact with her current manager, Sharon Lane.Realizing Savannah's talent and love for the industry, the Stehlin family ventured out to Los Angeles for a shot at pilot season. Within their two-month stay, Savannah had booked four SAG commercials. 6-year-old Savannah beamed with joy and exclaimed one day, while walking to the car, "Daddy, I was born for LA!"Shortly after turning 7, Savannah tested on the Gilmore Girls (2000) spin-off pilot for the WB.While back home in Florida for the summer, the Stehlin family decided they were ready for a change. Missy (mom) and Rob (dad) were both in positions with work where they were able to live in Los Angeles and Savannah graciously reaped the benefits. Since the move in February 2004, 8-year-old Savannah has booked two more national commercials.Most recently, Savannah Stehlin, has been cast as "Elizabeth Trousdale" in the Fox 2000 feature film, The Family Stone (2005). Stehlin will be playing the precocious and curious granddaughter of Diane Keaton and Craig T. Nelson. The story evolves around a family gathering where outsider Sarah Jessica Parker is introduced by Stehlin's uncle, Dermot Mulroney, only to be scrutinized when the family learns of Mulroney's plans to propose marriage. The film's writer/director is Thomas Bezucha and Michael London will produce.Savannah enjoys hanging out with her friends, playing with dolls, watching movies, singing in the church choir, sketching clothing designs and reading. Her favorite authors include C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Carolyn Keene. Savannah has two younger brothers, Robbie (7) and Jaxson (2) with which she claims to have a love/hate relationship. She and her brothers love to make plays and puppet shows together and, of course, fight. Savannah also enjoys sports such as gymnastics, swimming and snorkeling. Her newest venture is horseback riding.

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    Mar 06, 1996
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    Jacksonville, Florida, USA
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