Sarah Patterson

Sarah Patterson


Sarah Patterson was born on Apr 22, 1972 in UK. Sarah Patterson's big-screen debut came with The Company of Wolves directed by Neil Jordan in 1984.

Very little is known about this lovely young actress, who had a wonderful debut in Neil Jordan's La compagnie des loups (1984) which was thought to have led to a solid career. However, for one reason or another, she opted only to appear in one more film, Cannon Movie Tales Snow White (1987), which was shot on location in Israel. The dark-haired, pale-skinned Patterson was the perfect choice for the lead role, and in both of the fairy-tale themed films she displayed a great talent for both serious and comedic acting. Since neither of these films were huge commercial successes, Sarah Patterson retired from the big screen and settled down. Sources say she is now married and happy. She finally returned to acting for two small roles in films released in 2002 and 2007.

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    Apr 22, 1972
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