Sarah Douglas

Sarah Douglas


Sarah Douglas was born on Dec 12, 1952 in UK. Sarah Douglas's big-screen debut came with The Final Programme directed by Robert Fuest in 1973. Sarah Douglas is known for Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut directed by Richard Donner, Gene Hackman stars as Lex Luthor and Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent. The upcoming new movie Sarah Douglas plays is A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby which will be released on Dec 05, 2019.

Even though Sarah Douglas was born and raised in Stratford-Upon-Avon, and knew that she wanted to act, she did try to expand options available to her. She worked in a factory and for a time, also in a sterilizing department of a hospital. She briefly moved to France and also undertook a teacher training course in English and Drama. However, these were all abandoned in favour of acting. Soon after leaving Drama School, she won her first film role in Les décimales du futur (1973) as well as starring in the television series The Inheritors (1974). Other work began to follow, including the television series Cosmos 1999 (1975) and the films The Brute (1977) and Le Continent oublié (1977). During the filming, the casting began for the science fiction blockbuster Superman (1978). And the rest is history.

  • Birthday

    Dec 12, 1952
  • Place of Birth

    Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England, UK
  • Also known

    Sara Douglas

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