Ronrico Albright

Ronrico Albright

actor, producer

Ronrico Albright was born on Jun 08, 1978 in USA. Ronrico Albright's big-screen debut came with A Haunting in Ravenswood - Season 1 directed by Adrian Dent in 2014, strarring Devin Woods-Alexander. Ronrico Albright is known for Ryder directed by Adrian Dent, Adrian Dent stars as Michael Ryder and Divine Dent as Fiera Ryder. The upcoming new movie Ronrico Albright plays is Office 86 which will be released on May 29, 2020.

Ronrico grew up in Memphis, TN. His first name was given to him by his father, Herman Albright. His middle name, Ronrico, was given to him by his mother, Shirley Albright, after seeing a display of Ronrico Rum in a liquor store. Ronrico attended Wooddale High School. At the age of 16, he was told he resembled Will Smith for the first time by a Driver's Ed instructor. The following year, he saw the movie Bad Boys : Flics de choc (1995). He was inspired to become an action movie star after watching one of Will's action scenes. He graduated Wooddale in 1996. He enrolled at Tennessee State University until 1998. At the age of 24, he began to pursue his acting career. He joined a talent agency for a few months until he realized that the agency never sent him to auditions because blockbusters and major studio movies were rarely filmed in Memphis. His pursue of an acting career was put on hold until he saw a casting call on Facebook 10 years later. In January 2014, he was cast as a waiter in a local independent film called The Cellular Effect. This was his first movie role, but the production of the film stopped before it was finished. This led to a recast of the film, but Ronrico was not recast. A few months later, he was cast in another local independent film called A Troubled Mind (2015), which was his film debut.

  • Birthday

    Jun 08, 1978
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    Memphis, Tennessee, USA

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