Rohit Kumar Sharma

Rohit Kumar Sharma

visual effects, cinematographer, camera and electrical department

Rohit Kumar Sharma was born on Oct 07, 1991 in India. Rohit Kumar Sharma's big-screen debut came with in .

Rohit Kumar Sharma is an Indian Lawyer who was born on (October 07, 1991) in Seoni, Madhya Pradesh. He is known for his book "The Burning Fantasy", which is best-selling on the World Wide Web. He is one of the best inspirational quotes writers of India. He writes mostly self-help motivational books. Rohit Kumar Sharma's thoughts are much more popular on social media, he writes simple and beautiful thoughts, which inspire most of the youth. He helps people to motivate themselves so that everyone can make their lives simple and successful. Today's younger generation is highly motivated by reading the thoughts of Rohit Kumar Sharma, which increases the confidence of the youth and the desire to set goals. Most authors write their books to entertain the youth, with which that their attention shifts from their goals to opposite directions. In such a situation, we rarely get to see that authors write inspirational books in the context of youth. But Rohit Kumar Sharma is generating thoughts like the positive sentiment in the minds of youth with his meaningful efforts which is very important and helpful for the youth in today's context.

  • Birthday

    Oct 07, 1991
  • Place of Birth

    Seoni , Madhya Pradesh, India