Robert Conder

Robert Conder

camera and electrical department, second unit director or assistant director, transportation department

Robert Conder was born on Jul 17, 1952 in USA. Robert Conder's big-screen debut came with Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers directed by Joe Chappelle in 1995.

Bob has been working in stage, theater and film since 1967, both behind the scenes and in front of the stage and camera. He began as an actor with roles in such films as: Solo, Choke Canyon, Evil in Clear River, Halloween 4, as a stunt man specializing in fights, falls and cars, Bob has been punched by Tommy Lee Jones, dropped by Jim Carrey, shot from the roof of a building, and rolled in a moving van off an exploding bridge.Bob soon began working behind the camera as a grip, key grip and other departments, with the idea of learning more about the film process. After several films and commercials, Bob began to learn the scheduling and budgeting side of the business.In 1982, Bob worked for Aquila Films helping with pre-production packaging. Then in 1987, he began working for NAK Entertainment in much the same capacity, and worked as the 1st AD for the pilot "Dojo Kids", and later as a second unit director for "A Boy Named Danger" and "Mr. Atlas".Bob is now focusing on AD work as he continues to build his resume with such films as "Tears of a King" and National Lampoon's "Bag Boy".With 30 years in the film industry he has worked in almost every capacity and within every size budget, can anticipate the needs for each department thereby reducing costs and stress. Nothing makes Bob happier than working in the business side of that great creative process.

  • Birthday

    Jul 17, 1952
  • Place of Birth

    Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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