Rebecca Sugar

Rebecca Sugar

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Rebecca Sugar was born on Jul 09, 1987 in USA. Rebecca Sugar's big-screen debut came with The Classroom Gems: What Are Gems? directed by Hilary Florido in 2015. Rebecca Sugar is known for Steven Universe: The Movie directed by Rebecca Sugar, Zach Callison stars as Steven Universe and Michaela Dietz as Amethyst. The upcoming new movie Rebecca Sugar plays is Steven Universe: The Movie which will be released on Sep 02, 2019.

Rebecca Sugar is an American animator, television writer, television producer, and singer-songwriter from Maryland. Her primary claims to fame are serving as the show creator of the hit animated series "Steven Universe" (2013-2019), and one of main writers and storyboard artists for the animated series "Adventure Time" (2010-2018). She has been nominated for seven Primetime Emmy Awards throughout her career.In 1987, Sugar was born to a Jewish family in Silver Spring, Maryland, the 5th most-populated settlement in Maryland (following Baltimore, Columbia, Waldorf and Germantown). Sugar has commented that she still regularly celebrates Hanukkah as an adult.Sugar was a student of Montgomery Blair High School, but also received visual arts lessons through a program of the (unaffiliated) Albert Einstein High School. During her high school years, Sugar drew comic strips for the school's newspaper, "Silver Chips". She won a writing award for one of her comic strips. After her graduation, Sugar attended the "School of Visual Arts" in New York City.During her time as a college student, Sugar directed short animated films. She had a close working relationship with fellow animator Ian Jones-Quartey, who would later become first her long-term boyfriend and then her husband. She provided background artwork for "nockFORCE", a web animation series which Jones-Quartey had launched on YouTube.In 2010, Sugar published her first graphic novel, "Pug Davis". It featured a gay couple who work as astronauts. Shortly after, Sugar was hired as a storyboard revisionist for the television series "Adventure Time". A month later, she was promoted to a full storyboard artist due to the quality of her work. Sugar was encouraged by the show's creative team to use her own life experiences as inspirations for the character development of Marceline the Vampire Queen, one of the show's main characters. At that time, Sugar took writing advice from co-workers who had experience in working on indie and underground comics. She was told to "not hold anything back" when it came to writing.Sugar continued working on "Adventure Time" until its 5th season, while also working on her own series "Steven Universe" since 2013. Sugar eventually quit working on "Adventure Time" as she found the workload of simultaneously working full-time on both series to be overly challenging. She later wrote a song used in the 7th season of "Adventure Time".For "Steven Universe", Sugar worked as the show's executive producer throughout its run. She also served as a storyboard artist for several of the show's episodes. Sugar directed the spin-off film "Steven Universe: The Movie" (2019) and co-produced the sequel mini-series "Steven Universe Future" (2019-2020). The show placed an emphasis on the importance of "healthy interpersonal relationships" to one's well-being. She has credited her own relationship with her brother as an inspiration for the show's close emotional bonds between characters.In 2019, Sugar married her boyfriend Ian Jones-Quartey. They had been romantically involved since 2008. In 2020, Sugar served as the narrator in a video criticizing the poor living conditions of detainees held by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In both 2020 and 2021, Sugar and her husband worked on a series of public service announcements with anti-racist messages. The announcements were released through Cartoon Network's YouTube channel.In late 2021, Sugar served as an uncredited singer for a Christmas special based on the animated series "Amphibia". She had written the lyrics for her own music number. Her involvement was commented on in a press release. By 2022, Sugar is 34-years-old and shows no signs of retiring. She has not announced further plans for her career.

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    Jul 09, 1987
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    Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
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