Randi Cee

Randi Cee

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Randi Cee was born on Mar 24, 1963 in USA. Randi Cee's big-screen debut came with The in Crowd directed by Mark Rosenthal in 1988. Randi Cee is known for The Muppets directed by James Bobin, Jason Segel stars as Gary and Amy Adams as Mary. The upcoming new movie Randi Cee plays is The Muppets which will be released on Nov 23, 2011.

Randi, grew up thinking that all actors should be triple threats. That's what happens when you are weaned on MGM musicals. Though a classically trained actor and comedienne (UCLA Theatre Alum) the industry had other plans for her. A dance teacher suggested she go audition for the renowned choreographer Vince Patterson as he was casting for a very large film (Stephen Spielberg's Hook) She got the part and not only danced and acted but sang under the musical direction of John Williams and sang the lyrics of Leslie Bricusse. She found herself working in on the lot that the The Wizard Of Oz was shot on and recording in the exact sound stage that Judy Herself recorded in on what was then the MGM lot. After that the dance world came knocking she was signed with one of the most prestigious dance agencies and she found herself doing more and more dance work, quite literally all over the world.Throughout a career full of professional dance work, she truly considers herself first and foremost an actor who dances...or the most employed, round dancing girl, the world has ever known. It's a niche. She is to dancing what Peter Dinklage is to acting, a complete anomaly.She has always loved the theatre and nothing quite smells like it or gives her the same charge, she has continued that love affair and because of that has recently morphed another passion into a career. She is now Band leader and Vocalist for Randi Cee and The Speakeasys her Los Angeles based Jazz group focusing on the early years of the Great American Songbook. For booking information or upcoming show schedules please go to RandiCee.com. She is about to release her first EP "Any Kind of Man" A Red Hot Momma for the Next Jazz Age.

  • Birthday

    Mar 24, 1963
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    Miami, Florida, USA

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