Prince Rainier of Monaco

Prince Rainier of Monaco

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Prince Rainier of Monaco was born on May 31, 1923 in Monaco. Prince Rainier of Monaco's big-screen debut came with in .

Born the sole heir to the throne of the nation of Monaco, Prince Rainier lived his life by duty. The son of Charlotte Grimaldi, the illegitimate daughter of Monaco's Prince Louis, Rainier was the aging Monarch's only grandson and was therefore invested as his heir. He knew the constraints of duty immediately - as he was sole heir, he could not abdicate his throne for any reason, as there was no-one else to take it over. By law, Monaco must have a male Grimaldi as ruler, or the principality reverts to the ownership of France. While still a young man, Rainier was forced to break off plans to marry his girlfriend after tests showed she was infertile. While he cared for her, Monaco had to have an heir. He soon became known as the wealthiest bachelor in the world, and for a short time even

  • Birthday

    May 31, 1923
  • Place of Birth

    Monacoville, Monaco