Prem Pandey

Prem Pandey


Prem Pandey was born on Feb 09, 1977 in Nepal. Prem Pandey's big-screen debut came with Chhakka Panja 2 directed by Deepa Shree Niraula in 2017, strarring .

Prem Pandey is a Nepalese actor and a theatrical performer. He has appeared in numerous Nepali feature films, music videos, television commercials, and print advertisements. He is popularly known as a Character actor in movies like Jatra, Jatrai Jatra, Chhaka Panja 2, Chhaka Panja 3, and so on. He has played in popular teleserials like Tito Satya, Jire khursan, Twakka tukka returns, and many more. He had played lots of advertisements too. He is counted as the finest actor in the industry.He started his movie carriers in 2004 playing the movie mamaghar as the supporting character of Shiva Shrestha. From 2004 to 2022 he played in more than 1 dozen movies like chhaka panja 2, chhaka panja 3, Cha Maya chhapakai, Jatra, Cha Aakan Cha, Jatrai Jatra, and Nari which were all box office hit movies.**Early life and Education** Prem Pandey was born in Budhebare, Jhapa the son of Tikaram Pandey and Sabitra Pandey. Pandey has two mothers. He is the son of a small mother. He is the small son of Sabitra Pandey. Pandey has a big family there were 10 brothers and sisters in the family. The financial status was very poor. So, the big mom and small mom used to stay separate and the father used to live with the big one. Pandey is the small son of Sabitra, there occurred the financial problem, and his mom used to carry the load and used to fill the stomach of the family. By that time Prem has thought to earn a lot of money and he wants to be a big businessman or want to work at a high-level office.So, he passed his SLC from Shree Adarsha Secondary School, Jaipur in 2049 and the thought take him to Kathmandu to get more education. He came to Kathmandu in the very worst condition. He has come by sitting on stools. After coming to Kathmandu, he faces a lot of problems. At that time Big brother use to live in Kathmandu. He is Mahendra Kumar Pandey he helped him a lot he used to give him money to read and shelter to live after some months he works as a driver and use to earn some money and by that he passed +2 from Nepal Commerce Campus.Then he gets a job at the airport he started working by taking Rs 100 which was not sufficient. As the old people used to say God always gives the way one time like that when working in an airport, he got a chance to meet Film Director Mr. Narayan Puri and by seeing his politeness habits and helping nature he gives chance to Prem to play movie mamaghar as the friend of Siva Shrestha then his movie careers start. When he started his carrier he is mostly known as the friend of the hero.**Career** The career of Pandey being when he is working at the International Airport. When he is working in an airport, he meets the Big Nepali Director Mr. Narayan Puri. When he sees the politeness habit and helping nature Mr. Puri gives him chance to play one movie as Friend of Shiva Puri in the movie Mamaghar in 2004 as the friend of Shiva Puri by that the door open to Mr. Pandey to play in the movie. At the time when he started his carrier no one knows him. After playing 2,3 movies people start recognizing him as the friend of the hero. Because he has played a lot of movies as the friend of the hero. He is widely known as the friend of the hero. As on till Pandey has given 15 hit movies including Jatra, Jatrai Jatra, Chhaka Panja series, and many more. Pandey has played lots of TV serials, advertisements, and many more.New movie Mahapurush coming soon.....

  • Birthday

    Feb 09, 1977
  • Place of Birth

    Jhapa, Nepal

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