Peter Rowe

Peter Rowe

director, writer, producer

Peter Rowe was born on Jun 27, 1947 in Canada. Peter Rowe's big-screen debut came with Splatter: The Architects of Fear directed by Peter Rowe in 1986.

Peter Rowe's book "Adventures in Filmmaking" is a breezy, entertaining memoir of his life in filmmaking. Peter Rowe has produced and/or directed over 200 films and television shows, including 8 features and, Angry Planet (2007), broadcast around the world. He has been nominated for several Gemini, Genie and DGC Awards, won two CSC Awards for Lifestyle/Reality Cinematography, a Platinum Fexy Award, and awards from the Houston, Sydney, and Dawson Film Festivals. He also acts - most recently playing "Hunter Thompson" in the television series, Final 24 (2006). His latest production, "Shipwrecked on a Great Lake", is being made for presentation on large public outdoor water screens in two Ontario venues.

  • Birthday

    Jun 27, 1947
  • Place of Birth

    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


4 wins & 6 nominations

Canadian Society of Cinematographers Awards
Lifestyle/Reality Cinematography
Winner - CSC Award
Lifestyle/Reality Cinematography
Winner - CSC Award
WorldFest Houston
Theatrical Feature - Documentary
Winner - Gold Special Jury Award
Popcorn with Maple Syrup (2004)
Film & Video Production Awards
Winner - Gold Special Jury Award
Joshua Slocum: Around Alone (2000)

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