Peter Berlin

Peter Berlin

actor, writer, producer

Peter Berlin was born on Dec 28, 1942 in Poland. Peter Berlin's big-screen debut came with Dirty Boots directed by Adam Baran in 2014, strarring Narrator.

Very little is known about Peter. Blonde, muscular, and enigmatic, he was truly his own invention. He cast himself in the real-life role of the mythic leather stud--gorgeous, desirable, untouchable. Dressed in revealing denim and motorcycle garb, he quickly became a fixture in international street scenes, his appearance inciting shock and delight from passers-by.His greatest social success came in San Francisco, where he became one of Polk Street's most beloved eccentrics. It was here that he took the name Burian from an acquaintance; his real surname (which he claimed was too difficult for Americans to pronounce) never came to light. Eventually, he teamed with photographer friend Ignatio Rutkowski, bringing his formidable sexual persona to the screen in Nuits en cuir noir (1973). A visually arresting piece of hardcore male erotica, the film was a box-office success, but Peter was denied residuals thanks to a bad distribution deal.Around this time, he discovered another actor by the name of Peter Burian, and thereafter went by the name Peter Berlin. Another virtuoso triple-X feature, That Boy (1974), was released; this time, Peter controlled the rights to the picture and was rewarded when the picture met considerable success (for its ultra-low budget). Throughout the 1970s, Peter was a fixture at San Francisco's Gay Pride Parades. Still iconic and always mysterious, his whereabouts today remain unknown.

  • Birthday

    Dec 28, 1942
  • Place of Birth

    Lódz, Lódzkie, Poland


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