Paul Henderson

Paul Henderson

writer, actor, producer

Paul Henderson was born on Sep 10, 1967 in Nepal. Paul Henderson's big-screen debut came with Mississippi Burning directed by Alan Parker in 1988, strarring Local #1 (uncredited). Paul Henderson is known for Mississippi Burning directed by Alan Parker, Gene Hackman stars as Anderson and Willem Dafoe as Ward. The upcoming new movie Paul Henderson plays is Division III: Football's Finest which will be released on Oct 14, 2011.

Known for his tall, rotund stature and prolific sense of humor, Paul Henderson is a multi-talented actor, writer, comic, and musician. Paul began making Super 8mm films at the age of 12, and later performed in Southeastern regional theater and music on the Gulf Coast before being discovered by director Alan Parker, and cast in the Academy Award-winning Mississippi Burning (1988).In 1988, Henderson moved to Los Angeles, where he began performing stand-up comedy, and quickly became a regular performer and doorman at the "World Famous" Comedy Store, on the Sunset Strip. There Paul met and became friends with comic Sam Kinison, with whom he would go on to work as an opening act in Kinison's "Outlaws of Comedy." It was at the Comedy Store where Henderson began a career as a comedy writer, creating material (often uncredited) for many well-known comics, as well as a contributing joke writer to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992).In 1991, Henderson became associated with comic actor Andy Dick, and has since written, performed, and collaborated with Dick on a number of projects, including The Andy Dick Show (2001), Division III: Football's Finest (2011), along with countless podcasts and live musical comedy performances at clubs and colleges across America.As a performer, Paul Henderson specializes in dialects, impressions, and twisted characterizations. He is also an accomplished singer and writer of songs in a wide variety of musical genres, usually choosing to showcase these talents under his pseudonym The Guise. As of (2021) Paul Henderson is writing and recording music as well as and developing several upcoming films, television, internet, and video game projects through his production company Emotion Pictures & Sound.

  • Birthday

    Sep 10, 1967
  • Place of Birth

    Kathmandu, Nepal

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