Necati Sasmaz

Necati Sasmaz

actor, writer, producer

Necati Sasmaz was born on Dec 15, 1971 in Turkey. Necati Sasmaz's big-screen debut came with The Valley of the Wolves - Season 2 directed by Osman Sinav in 2003, strarring Polat Alemdar. Necati Sasmaz is known for The Valley of the Wolves directed by Osman Sinav, Necati Sasmaz stars as Polat Alemdar and Özgü Namal as Elif Eylül. The upcoming new movie Necati Sasmaz plays is Valley of the Wolves: Homeland which will be released on Sep 29, 2017.

He was born in Elazig, Turkey in 1971. He grew up in Ankara and graduated from a school related to tourism. His real work is tourism business. He had an tourism agency in Turkey. Then he wanted to go to USA and he didn't want to come back to Turkey. His plane ticket was for 11th September of 2001. When he was on the plane another plane crashed into the twin towers and his plane had to turn back and he returned to Turkey. Then he changed his mind and wanted to stay in Turkey again. After this event the producer Osman Sinav met with him and he offered him the role in Kurtlar Vadisi. Kurtlar Vadisi was his first acting experience but he is the leading actor in it. Mr. Sasmaz is the owner of Pana Entertainment which is the production company of Valley of the Wolves series. Muhammed Necati Sasmaz is married and he has one child.

  • Birthday

    Dec 15, 1971
  • Place of Birth

    Elazig, Turkey

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