Michael Pakleppa

Michael Pakleppa

producer, director, writer

Michael Pakleppa was born on Sep 21, 1950 in Germany. Michael Pakleppa's big-screen debut came with The Power directed by Stephen Carpenter in 1984.

Born 1950 in Heidelberg, Germany. Since 1970 TV movies, feature films, shorts, documentaries, specials, worked on various theatrical feature films as co-director, editor, trailer and dubbing director in Germany, England, USA and Africa. Pakleppa has worked in New German Cinema since 1972, when he was co-operating in "Filmverlag der Autoren" with directors like R.W. Fassbinder, Werner Herzog or Wim Wenders. In the 1980s he founded the German theatrical distributor "Filmwelt" and developed a European network of co-production and distribution and was either distributing or co-producing major works of the New British and American Cinema including films of John Carpenter, Neil Jordan, Monty Python, the animation classics "When The Wind Blows", "The Last Unicorn" (German version) and "Valhalla", as much as classics and independent German films. His company Continent Film distributes classics and produces independent feature films and documentaries.

  • Birthday

    Sep 21, 1950
  • Place of Birth

    Heidelberg, Germany

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