Michael Copon

Michael Copon

actor, producer, writer

Michael Copon was born on Nov 13, 1982 in USA. Michael Copon's big-screen debut came with Power Rangers Time Force - Season 1 directed by Koichi Sakamoto in 2001, strarring Lucas Kendall / Blue Time Force Ranger. Michael Copon is known for La Migra directed by Mark Maine, Michael Copon stars as Agent Diego Chavez and Antoinette Kalaj as Natalie Martinez. The upcoming new movie Michael Copon plays is Beaus of Holly which will be released on Dec 12, 2020.

Michael Copon is an American actor known for a variety of film and television roles including that of Lucas Kendall in Power Rangers: Time Force and Felix Taggaro in One Tree Hill.Kick starting his career in 2001, Copon was chosen by the Fox Kids Network to portray Lucas Kendall in Power Rangers: Time Force. Given the lengthy audition process for the role, Copon stood out from the crowd and became a series lead as the Blue Ranger. Though the progression of the show introduced a new lineup in the next series, Copon reprised his role in Power Rangers: Wild Force in the two-part episode of 'Reinforcements from the Future'. Capturing attention in the role, Copon soon landed a recurring role during One Tree Hill's second season as Felix Taggaro. Other notable appearances include those in Scrubs, That's So Raven, Hawaii Five-0, Beyond The Break, and Reno 911!Copon's film work includes standout roles in Bring It On: In It To Win It, and as Mathayus in The Scorpion King: Rise of a Warrior. Copon has also applied himself to a number of horror films, including Night of the Demons, Killer Holiday and 247 Fº .Beyond his film and television commitments, Copon is also a talented singer, releasing 'Let's Get Nasty' on iTunes in 2010 and appeared (and subsequently won) the competition on VH1's But Can They Sing?In 2019, Michael Copon is set to appear as Nicholai in the television series Dystopia, a science fiction thriller that aims to rewrite history.

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    Nov 13, 1982
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    Chesapeake, Virginia, USA
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