Megumi Odaka

Megumi Odaka


Megumi Odaka was born on May 09, 1972 in Japan. Megumi Odaka's big-screen debut came with Noozles - Season 1 directed by Taku Sugiyama in 1984. Megumi Odaka is known for Kaijû puranetto: Gojira directed by Kôichi Kawakita, Megumi Hayashibara stars as Hello Kitty and Iemasa Kayumi as Professor Dreamon. The most recent award Megumi Odaka achieved is Awards of the Japanese Academy. The upcoming new movie Megumi Odaka plays is Godzilla vs. Destoroyah which will be released on Dec 09, 1995.

Megumi Odaka was born on May 9, 1972 in Kanagawa, Japan. When she was 12 years-old, she jump-started her film career as a voice actress for children's TV shows in Japan. In addition, with also being a singer, she released several singles and albums throughout the late 1980s. After participating in the "Toho Cinderella Contest" in 1989 with actress

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    May 09, 1972
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    Kanagawa, Japan
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1 wins & 0 nominations

Awards of the Japanese Academy
Taketori monogatari (1987)
Winner - Newcomer of the Year

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