Mathew Lorenceau

Mathew Lorenceau

stunts, actor, writer

Mathew Lorenceau was born on Dec 04, 1970 in France. Mathew Lorenceau's big-screen debut came with The Apprentices directed by Pierre Salvadori in 1995, strarring Karateka (uncredited). Mathew Lorenceau is known for Prey: The Light in the Dark directed by Mike Grier, Oded Fehr stars as Righteous and Tyler Mane as Prey. The upcoming new movie Mathew Lorenceau plays is Mercenaries which will be released on Aug 05, 2014.

Mathew Lorenceau grew up in Paris, France. Raised by his mother, Catherine, who gave him the love for sports in particular horseback riding and swimming, as well as skiing and tennis but he discovered Martial Arts at the age of 12 after watching "Karate Kid", today he holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt and few victories under his belt in fights and forms.Also being the son of Michel Delahaye, one of the most re known movie critics from "les Cahiers du Cinema" in the 1970s, who taught him about the motion picture culture(le 7ieme art); watching Charlie Chaplin, The Marx Brothers, Laurel and Hardy, Jacques Tati, Kirk Douglas, Clint Eastwood, Charlton Heston, Burt Lancaster, Errol Flynn, John Wayne, James Dean, Gene Kelly, Walt Disneys cartoon to name a few. He was inspired by such films as "West Side Story", "Ben Hur", "Singing in the Rain", "Rebel Without a Cause", "The Ten Commandements", "River of no Return", "Rio Bravo", "Spartacus" and many more... to become an actor since a young age, even performing with his father in few independent films.At the age of 20 he decides to take on a new road, the one of a performing artist; taking acting classes for 2 years at the re known "Actorat Vuillin" in Paris. His favorite play is Edmond Rostand "Cyrano de Bergerac" which impacted his acting career. And start on the TV show "Highlander". In 1991 he meets a fellow martial artist Cyril Raffaelli through stunt training (which Mathew trains for 2 years), and the two become the best of friends.In 1996, he choses to move to Hollywood, California to get closer to his dream. Today he works on the translation of his father's screenplay "Archangel and Robinson" and start developing few screenplays to make his dream a reality.In 2002, Mathew meets one of his younger cousin, Fabrice Lorenceau who studies at USC to become a producer.In 2005, He jumps on board to work as a stuntman on the remake of "Poseidon" directed by Wolfgang Petersen.In 2009, hired by the Brand X Action Specialists Keith Woulard & Tom R Harper to perform stunts on "Iron Man 2", he is also given the opportunity to deliver lines to Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke

  • Birthday

    Dec 04, 1970
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    Paris, France

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