Mark Doronin

Mark Doronin


Mark Doronin was born on Mar 18, 2012 in Russia. Mark Doronin's big-screen debut came with Insomniya - Season 1 directed by Olga Frenkel in 2021, strarring 1 episode, 2021.

Filmography: "Wolf", G. Ostrovsky, roles: son of Aliyev and Ruslanchik; "Be Happy", A. Dzhunkovsky, the role of Misha; "Crazy", V. Perelman, the role of son; "Fun and Loud", E. Karma, the role of Cyril Ptitsyn; "Killings on Fridays", K. Zakharov, the role of Seraphim; "Jackdaw and Gamayun", A. Silkin, the role of Mitya; "Nemesis", V. Nikolaev, the role of Matvey Volodin; "Rainbow in Heaven", S. Borchukov, the role of Misha; "Unknown", V. Nikolaev, the role of Tyoma Lopatin; "Second Youth", M. Subbotin, the role of Vasya; "Eye to Eye", A. Zaitseva, the role of Peter; "More Than a Trainer," B. Batullin, sister's son; "Signs of Fate", a series of "Snowboarder", the role of Mark; "Bloggers", pilot, A. Abdulaev, the role of Kolya; film "Nonrandom", dir. V. Kvetnoy, the role of the son; "True remedy", B. Rabei, the role of Sasha Radugin; "Mom-3", the son of a customer; "Temptation", O. Subbotina, the role of Andrew; "Search for evidence", I. Khotinenko, son of Vera.

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    Mar 18, 2012
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