Marc Eyraud

Marc Eyraud


Marc Eyraud was born on Mar 01, 1924 in France. Marc Eyraud's big-screen debut came with The Man in the Raincoat directed by Julien Duvivier in 1957, strarring Petit rôle (uncredited). Marc Eyraud is known for Le Bonheur directed by Agnès Varda, Jean-Claude Drouot stars as François Chevalier and Marie-France Boyer as Émilie Savignard. The upcoming new movie Marc Eyraud plays is Le Bonheur which will be released on May 16, 1997.

With a physical appearance midway between determination (a square face, a mane of wavy dark hair) and lack of energy (commonplace facial features, banal figure), French thespian Marc Eyraud got cast more often as the man next door than as the epic hero. His average Joe look, leaning rather on the serious side, made him don the costume of chauffeur, educator, bartender and also, more than once, of priests, doctors and other booksellers. On the other hand, he occasionally took a walk on the wild side (clothes do not make the man!), exerting everyday racism (Élise ou la vraie vie (1970)) or going as far as to send his fellow man to kingdom come (the executioner in "Vidocq et Compagnie"). Only twice did he embody a famous figure (Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Valmy (1967), King Arthur for Rohmer). Such an aptitude to be indistinguishable, while being a blessing for those film directors who are eager to create the illusion of reality, proves a curse for actors like him playing mostly lackluster characters: supporting actors indeed tend to disappear from our memories, a fact unfair though inevitable. Which would have been Marc Eyraud's lot if television had not come to his rescue. The fact remains that, fortunately for him, he was chosen to appear in the famous long-lasting TV series "Les cinq dernières minutes". Thus, from 1974 to 1992, episode after episode (73 in total), French TV viewers grew accustomed to him and learned to like his no-nonsense presence, first as police inspector Ménardeau, deputy to senior detective Le Carré (played by Christian Barbier) and as "commissaire" Ménardeau, his replacement, in further installments. Among his other performances, lesser-known but remarkable, are those of Bernard, an entomology enthusiast who finds a water strider only to find it (her?) metamorphosing into... a beautiful naked girl in Jean-Daniel Verhaeghe's excellent L'araignée d'eau (1970) and of course of King Arthur in Éric Rohmer's Perceval le Gallois (1978), alongside Fabrice Luchini. Marc Eyraud's career, if not prestigious, lasted long. He even played in his old age a part in... his retirement home. Titled La sonate des spectres (2015), the movie was released only in 2015, over a decade after it was made, making it Eyraud's appearance in a "new" film long after 15 February 2005, the day he died at 80.

  • Birthday

    Mar 01, 1924
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    Saint-Etienne, Loire, France

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