Luke Frohling

Luke Frohling

actor, camera and electrical department, editor

Luke Frohling was born on May 01, 1976 in Australia. Luke Frohling's big-screen debut came with San Andreas directed by Brad Peyton in 2015, strarring Crushed Guy (uncredited).

Born in Australia, Luke was a writer at a young age and worked as a journalist in Australia for Newspapers, Radio, and (very briefly) for TV. Also an accredit Network Engineer, and TESOL/TEFL certified teacher, worked as a Network Engineer, Teacher, and Journalist in Australia, Thailand, and Japan.He founded DigInfo - a video news production company in Tokyo (a subsidiary of Digitised Information) and built it from conception (by the owner of the simple translating business that is/was Digitised Information) into a multi-disciplinary video news production business (whose feeds are still being paid for by Reuters and Bloomberg) and hired a number of local and international people to gather content at various events throughout Japan.Coming back to Australia he worked as a cinematographer, editor, and Foley recorder when he realised he was happier in front of the camera rather than behind it.He then went to acting school, worked on a number of projects (student films and small productions), as an extra (in a number of big ticket features like Pirates of the Caribbean and San Andreas), in a number of advertisements (as the main lead/product representative), and in a number of photo shoots before deciding he wanted to take things more seriously.Luke lives in Australia (as of June 2018), speaks basic Japanese and Thai (from living/working in those countries for prolonged periods of time), and loves karaoke and badminton

  • Birthday

    May 01, 1976
  • Place of Birth

    Sydney, Australia

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