Lotte Palfi Andor

Lotte Palfi Andor


Lotte Palfi Andor was born on Jul 28, 1903 in Germany. Lotte Palfi Andor's big-screen debut came with Confessions of a Nazi Spy directed by Anatole Litvak in 1939. Lotte Palfi Andor is known for Bill directed by Anthony Page, Mickey Rooney stars as Bill Sackter and Dennis Quaid as Barry Morrow. The upcoming new movie Lotte Palfi Andor plays is Lovesick which will be released on Feb 18, 1983.

Was an aspiring Jewish stage actress in Germany and had to flee in 1934 with her first husband, the cutter (film editor) Victor Palfi, after the Nazis came to power. She played only bit parts in Hollywood, many of them uncredited. Her most memorable roles were in Casablanca (1942), where she was "the woman who has to sell her diamonds" in order to escape the Nazis and in Marathon Man (1976), where she was "the woman on 47th street," chasing a Nazi who is trying to escape with robbed diamonds.In 1943, she married the German-American actor Wolfgang Zilzer (stage name: Paul Andor), who had been the "man with expired papers" in Casablanca (1942). The couple divorced in old age when the American-born Zilzer wanted to die in Germany and his wife refused to return to her native country.

  • Birthday

    Jul 28, 1903
  • Place of Birth

    Bochum, Germany

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