Lingmeng Hu

Lingmeng Hu


Lingmeng Hu was born on Nov 10, 1988 in China. Lingmeng Hu's big-screen debut came with Last Kung Fu Monk directed by Peng Zhang Li in 2010. Lingmeng Hu is known for Magical Space Time directed by Xu Fuxiang, Nailiang Jia stars as Hanruo Fei (2016) and Ruby Lin as Xie Jiaxin (2016). The upcoming new movie Lingmeng Hu plays is Ne Zha xiang yao ji which will be released on Oct 01, 2018.

Hu Sang was born near the border between Mongolia and China. She had dreams to become an actress at early age of 10. In the year 2000 she and her family moved to Beijing, there she was admitted to the middle school and class of song and dance classes of the Beijing Dance Academy at only age of 12, and graduated from the 2008 Department of Performing Arts at the Central Academy of Drama in 2012.In 2004, she starred in the movie "Flavors of Girlhood" directed by Kang Li. He played sensitive and melancholy fragrance, and this was her first film only at age 16. The movie went to several struggles but finally got finished and released in 2008.In 2008, she co-starred with Du Fu and Wang Pengkai in the TV series Hu Dan Xiaoxin (The Enemy" of the Republic of China). She was 20 years old and played the role of a 18 year old female spy agent Liu Chun Tao. The series was finished and released in 2009.In 2009, Hu Sang made her first international co production movie "Last Kung Fu Monk", a martial art drama about a Shaolin Monk who teach Kung fu in New York City, she is the love interest student Mei who became a hostage by the Russian Mafia. The movie was finished and released in 1st October 2010 on the Chinese national day.In 2010, Hu Sang co-starred with Hong Kong actor Matty Cheong in the suspense thriller "Fatal Invitation". The movie was planned to be a horror movie and several horror posters were printed and released, but due to the high censorship in China by the government the movie changed to a crime thriller but it was too late for the posters. The movie was released in April 2011.In 2011, she became worldwide famous for starring in one of the greatest Chinese fiction war movie "The Resistance". She play the role of Xiaoyun, a girl with a dual identity, she was an ordinary girl during the day and a black dress killer during the night. The movie was nominated and special screened in Cannes film festival 2012.In 2012, she made her Hong Kong career together with the famous actress Jiajia Deng in the TV series "I:Partment" that lasted for two seasons.In 2014, she played The noble consort Li in the series "Young Sherlock" a Chinese Hong Kong co production.In 2015, she played Hao Hao, a photography girl who wants to prove her citizenship by join the female army in the youth idol TV Series "Youth Assemble"In 2016, Hu Sang made a singing career, changed her name to a mandarin name Hu Ling Meng.In 2017, she became a host in the TV show China got talent, it was her first TV host.Hu Sang is the most interesting actress in China, from near border and then to the big city and receive stardom, her beauty and talent has given many young girls inspiration in China.

  • Birthday

    Nov 10, 1988
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    Inner Mongolia, China

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