Laura Fay Lewis

Laura Fay Lewis

actress, producer, writer

Laura Fay Lewis was born on Jul 06, 1960 in USA. Laura Fay Lewis's big-screen debut came with Cupidity directed by John A. Gallagher in 2004. Laura Fay Lewis is known for Cupidity directed by John A. Gallagher, James Gilmartin stars as James and Bethany Emerson as Bethany. The upcoming new movie Laura Fay Lewis plays is Tango Shalom which will be released on Oct 29, 2021.

Laura Fay Lewis (Actress, Producer, Screenwriter, Director) Member of Brazen Giant Ensemble. Recent recipient of Best Documentary award for (her documentary version) of "The Empty Handed Painter" at The Cutting Room International Short Film Festival (NYC) 2018. Also the author of the screenplays "The Empty Handed Painter. Also, Ella and Marilyn (co-writer/producer Karynne Summars) She has completed 2 documentaries on two artists from the Warhol era, "The Empty Handed Painter" (documentary of Tony Masaccio) and "My Last Week with Taylor Mead" Her screenplay version of Tony Masaccio is in development for a feature film to be shot soon. She is also one of the producers on Jeffrey Collins seminal art documentary film "Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue?" about some of our world's finest artists and sculptors. Laura Fay, a graduate of The Juilliard School. (Drama Division Group 12) and has a strong background in the New York Off-Broadway Theatre scene, where she has appeared in plays, from Shakespeare to Fassbinder. Her 1st leading role contract as an actress, was in an Off-Broadway play, an original psychological thriller where she created the role of Sandy in "Bunnybear" vetting 250 performances (9 months). Never missing a performance, (that was when there were 8 performances a week, in professional theater). Also originating the female lead in Mark Borkowski's "Don't Listen to What it Sounds Like" Best Plays of 2006 (published by Smith/Krauss) She is a founding member of Tribeca Lab, The Indies Lab, and New York Professional Ensemble Group, Naked Angels and Brazen Giant Ensemble. She also excels in painting, collecting art, curating art, singing, songwriting, playing guitar, keyboards and percussion. An award nominated actress and filmmaker, Laura Fay has directed and starred in music videos "Been There" and "What's The Rush, Superstar?" for her band The Blisstones, and was nominated for Best Actress and Best Short Film in The Picture Start Film Festival. In addition to being a published songwriter, she is also a published poet in 2 collections of poetry "Inspire the Muse", and "Lost Souls in a Fish Bowl". She is relishing her time as a mid-career artist, and firmly believes it is never too late to shift gears and manifest new destinies and changes, in the lives of others and oneself.

  • Birthday

    Jul 06, 1960
  • Place of Birth

    Coral Gables, Florida, USA

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