Lance Tracy

Lance Tracy

director, writer, editor

Lance Tracy was born on Aug 23, 1971 in USA. Lance Tracy's big-screen debut came with Adult Entertainment: Disrobing an American Idol directed by David Bruce in 2007.

Seattle-Native, Austin-based Lance Tracy is a strong producer-writer-director with an incredible knack to mix commercial ideas with quality people.His last film, "Relentless" won "Best Thriller" and "Best Director" at its Breckenridge Film Festival world premiere. Sundance deemed his last documentary "an accomplished film".With years of experience in high-end marketing and advertising, he has developed an international, commercial sensibility. Often called on by NBC/Universal and Viacom/CBS, Tracy has helped to brand the Sochi and London Olympics as well as the CBS streaming service, "CBS All Access" and recently, "Paramount Plus".He started as an in-house dramatic films director, making short narrative films, distributed in 155 countries and 15 languages. Here he was sensitized to an international audience while earning 12 writing and directing awards. He has directed projects in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Cambodia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico City, Belize, Honduras, Moscow, St. Petersburg and the U.S.He holds a black belt in Hapkido and loves riding classic motorcycles in LA, Texas and the Northwest. He lives in Austin with his wife & 2 kids.

  • Birthday

    Aug 23, 1971
  • Place of Birth

    Oregon City, Oregon, USA


2 wins & 0 nominations

Breckenridge Festival of Film
Best Drama
Winner - Festival Prize
Best Director
Winner - Festival Prize

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