Kevin Van Hentenryck

Kevin Van Hentenryck


Kevin Van Hentenryck was born on May 28, 1953 in USA. Kevin Van Hentenryck's big-screen debut came with Basket Case directed by Frank Henenlotter in 1982, strarring Duane Bradley (as Kevin VanHentenryck).

Kevin Van Hentenryck achieved instant cult status as the engagingly guileless and nerdy, Duane Bradley, in Frank Henenlotter's marvelously gory, sleazy, low-budget horror splatter gem, Basket Case. Kevin was born on 28 May, 1953 and hails from Oak Park, Michigan. He initially began acting in 10th grade. Van Hentenryk had an uncle who was a performer in radio, television, and movies and an aunt who had acted in a soap opera for many years. Kevin graduated from Ferndale High School in 1972. Van Hentenryck first met Henenlotter while attending the American Academy of Dramatic Art in New York City. He eventually wound up playing his first substantial lead role in Henenlotter's Basket Case. The slender, curly-haired and boyishly affable young man brought a winning blend of sweet wide-eyed innocence and charming awkwardness to the part of Duane. He had an amusing cameo as Duane in Henenlotter's terrific Brain Damage. In addition, Kevin reprises the role of Duane in the two hugely enjoyable Basket Case sequels. He more recently gave a hilarious performance as a deranged psycho in the uproarious horror comic short The Catskill Chainsaw Redemption. Outside of acting, Kevin's had a successful career as a self-taught sculptor.

  • Birthday

    May 28, 1953
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    Oak Park, Michigan, USA
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