Julie Ruffell

Julie Ruffell

editor, producer, writer

Julie Ruffell was born on Jan 04, 1981 in Canada. Julie Ruffell's big-screen debut came with Seconds directed by Staci Bernstein in 2008.

Born in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, Julie Ruffell spent nearly every weekend of her early childhood at the drop zone, telling skydivers how to land, dodging cow pies and stealing sugar cubes. During the long days, Julie's favourite pastime was running across, around and under the rows upon rows of long tables, creating new worlds to play and have adventures in.When not living her adventures, Julie drew them, and once she learned to read and write, there was no world or adventure she couldn't experience.Writing was always a love of Julie's, but since the age of fourteen, it has been her passion. Completing her first novella by the age of fifteen, Julie also began to write and illustrate picture books for her young cousins.Most of her time in high school was spent in the theatre, both onstage and off. She began to direct, while continuing to develop her writing. Though Julie still loves the theatre, her preferred storytelling platform is film and television.In 2006 Julie joined her first film crew on the independent feature "Awakenings," where she served as the script editor, helped with set design, worked as a production assistant and also provided the voice of the sentient weapon. In addition, when the film went through a complete re-write, Julie took over as the writer.Completely addicted to the film making process and using it to tell stories and reach people, Julie filmed her own piece that year, "Express IT!" and founded her own production company in 2007. Under her company she wrote, directed and produced two more shorts before tackling "Seconds," which deals with the taboo subject of self injury.Julie is a storyteller, dedicated to entertaining people, while also providing them with insights into worlds and views they might otherwise not know.

  • Birthday

    Jan 04, 1981
  • Place of Birth

    Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

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