Joycelyne Lew

Joycelyne Lew

actress, make-up department, producer

Joycelyne Lew was born on Feb 25, 1946 in USA. Joycelyne Lew's big-screen debut came with The King and I directed by Walter Lang in 1956. Joycelyne Lew is known for The Admired directed by Jacqueline Murphy, Jacqueline Murphy stars as Olivia Spencer and Jeff Rector as Mr. Meyer. The upcoming new movie Joycelyne Lew plays is IN3DRAGON which will be released on Oct 07, 2022.

If academic degrees guaranteed a high paying, stable career in Hollywood, Joycelyne Lew would be at the top of the acting pyramid. Like every good actress, however, she knows that she must dedicate her life to the pursuit of her art, regardless of diplomas earned. The passion to make a career in acting isn't fueled by logic.Joycelyne grew up in Culver City, California, near the back lots of MGM Studios. Long before she was born, her father was often a chauffeur to Hollywood luminaries like Lucille Ball, Anita Loos, and Jean Harlow. Her mother was a movie extra, who eventually played Marlon Brando's mother-in-law in the film "Sayonara," and both her parents worked for actor William Holden for a time.Joycelyne started accompanying her mother to the studios by the time she was three years old; and began long-begged for lessons in ballet, tap, and acrobatics. A career in entertainment seemed inevitable, as she was a top child model by the time she was 12.Although thoroughly hooked on entertainment, Joycelyne followed the wishes of her parents and the traditions of many Asian-American families, by giving up her budding career and going to school. She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre Arts at UCLA, with a certificate in teaching; and a Master's Degree in Education from Pepperdine University. She began a teaching career in elementary education.Never giving up her dream of a career in the entertainment industry, she tried to have both, which soon proved impossible. She would often have to rush to and from auditions and jobs, making complete changes of clothing, hairstyles, and make-up while driving, as she once did while enroute to an appearance on "The Tonight Show." Eventually, she abandoned the classroom for the soundstage.Joycelyne began appearing in films, such as Fatal Beauty (1987) with Whoopi Goldberg, Tai-Pan (1986), Hindsight (1996), Beauté fatale (1994), and a lead in Le Chinois (1980) AKA: The Big Brawl, for which she received excellent reviews. She had the largest part ever given a woman in the Kung Fu (1972) television series; and other television credits include Les craquantes (1985), Mariés, deux enfants (1987), Hôpital central (1963), and Les feux de l'amour (1973).She has been recognized and listed in "The Who's Who of Women", and she is on the Blue Ribbon Committee of the Emmy Awards, and the National Endowment for the Arts Judging Committee for Film Grants.Joycelyne's physical assets have helped keep her busy as a hand and leg model in commercials for dozens of products, from poking Pillsbury's Doughboy, to providing legs for Kim Basinger's billboard.She even did Dream Dresser's lingerie catalog! Weight lifting helps keep her in shape; and her body has been shown in "Allure", "Muscle and Fitness", "Fitness",; and "Hardbodies" magazines. She has been featured on numerous programs, like "E! Entertainment", "Current Affair", and "Hard Copy" shows in the U.S., to "Peep" in Germany, and a British documentary for September Films in England, as well as "Live It Up!" in Canada.Her ability to mimic characters using many accents has led to her demand as a voice-over artist. Joycelyne re-dubbed the lead in Bernie Casey's directoral debut, The Dinner (1997). She also has done cartoon voices for Hanna Barbara, industrial narrations, trailers for features, commercials, and dramas on National Public Radio.

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    Feb 25, 1946
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    Los Angeles County, California, USA

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