José Luis López Vázquez

José Luis López Vázquez

actor, costume designer, second unit director or assistant director

José Luis López Vázquez was born on Mar 11, 1922 in Spain. José Luis López Vázquez's big-screen debut came with Eugenia de Montijo directed by José López Rubio in 1944. José Luis López Vázquez is known for Vientos de agua directed by Juan José Campanella, Ernesto Alterio stars as Andrés Olaya and Eduardo Blanco as Ernesto Olaya. José Luis López Vázquez has got 21 awards and 2 nominations so far. The most recent award José Luis López Vázquez achieved is Fotogramas de Plata. The upcoming new movie José Luis López Vázquez plays is Little Lips which will be released on Apr 27, 2020.

Spanish actor. He started his career in theatre in 1939, when he was only 17, with the support of the director Modesto Higueras and the painter José Caballero. His first works were as actor, set decorator and costume designer in non-commercial amateur theatre plays, basically at the 'Teatro de las Organizaciones Juveniles (TOI)' and at the TEU. In cinema, he started as a costume designer in films mostly directed by José López Rubio and Rafael Gil and as an assistant director to Pío Ballesteros and Enrique Herreros.His debut as a professional actor was in 1946 at the 'Teatro María Guerrero' theatre in Madrid, playing roles in plays like 'El Anticuario', 'El vergonzoso en palacio' or 'La dama boba'. Later he formed part of the companies owned by Conchita Montes and Alberto Closas. His debut as a cinema actor was also in 1946 with a little role in _María Fernanda la Jerezana (1946)_. In 1951, in the film _Esa pareja feliz (1951)_, he appeared in the credits together with two debutant key directors in Spanish cinema: Juan Antonio Bardem and Luis García Berlanga.His first roles were comic roles in general, and increasingly important. In 1958 he started to have his first successes ('Una muchachita de Valladolid' in theatre together with 'Elisa Montes' and Alberto Closas, and El pisito (1958) in cinema together with Mary Carrillo and Concha López Silva).Since that moment on, he acted in the best theatre companies and also became an almost indispensable figure in Spanish cinema in the following two decades. Some of his best films from this stage are El cochecito (1960), Plácido (1961), Atraco a las tres (1962) and El verdugo (1963). He met film-makers like Marco Ferreri, Juan Antonio Bardem, José María Forqué and Luis García Berlanga, who were able to extract from his funniness amazing nuances like tenderness, dirtiness, meanness, absurd and even nonsense. His popularity raised dramatically after he worked together with Gracita Morales in several films of less importance under the direction of Mariano Ozores and also performed the main role in the TV series "Tercero izquierda".In the early 70s he surprisingly started to do good dramatic performances in films like _Peppermint frappé (1967)_, El jardín de las delicias (1970), _Bosque del lobo, El (1970)_ (Best Actor Award in the 1971 Chicago Film Festival), _Mi querida señorita (1971)_ (Best Actor Award in the 1972 Chicago Film Festival), _Cabina, La (1970) (TV)_ (winner of an Emmy Award), or Habla, mudita (1973). He made a great success with these films which even got stronger after the international effects caused by his TV film 'La cabina' and his contribution to George Cukor's Travels with My Aunt (1972). And this success set the rest of his career, full of successful films both dramatic and comic (_Escopeta nacional, La (1978)_, _Verdad sobre el caso Savolta, La (1979)_, La colmena (1982), _Corte del faraón, La (1985)_, Mi general (1987), _Largo invierno, El (1991)_...In 1985 he received the 'Medalla de Oro de las Bellas Artes' (Arts Gold Medal).

  • Birthday

    Mar 11, 1922
  • Place of Birth

    Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Known For


21 wins & 2 nominations

Fotogramas de Plata
Winner - Lifetime Achievement Award
Best TV Performer (Mejor intérprete de televisión)
Winner - Fotogramas de Plata
Cinema Writers Circle Awards, Spain
Winner - CEC Career Award
Best Actor (Mejor Actor)
Winner - CEC Award
Mi querida señorita (1972)
Best Actor (Mejor Actor)
Winner - CEC Award
Best Supporting Actor (Mejor Actor Secundario)
Winner - CEC Award
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