Jo Ann Marlowe

Jo Ann Marlowe

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Jo Ann Marlowe was born on Dec 15, 1935 in USA. Jo Ann Marlowe's big-screen debut came with Yankee Doodle Dandy directed by Michael Curtiz in 1942. Jo Ann Marlowe is known for Mildred Pierce directed by Michael Curtiz, Joan Crawford stars as Mildred Pierce Beragon and Jack Carson as Wally Fay. The upcoming new movie Jo Ann Marlowe plays is Never a Dull Moment which will be released on Aug 19, 1950.

Jo Ann Marlowe was born Jo Ann Mares in Schuyler, NE in 1936 to Edward and Theora Mares.Jo Ann was discovered on a family vacation in Hollywood at age 4 by a Warner Brothers director in a restaurant. The family relocated to California and Jo Ann took the stage name Jo Ann Marlowe.Jo Ann acted for the next 10 years in 29 motion pictures including La glorieuse parade (1942) which won an Oscar for James Cagney. Jo Ann played the role of 6 year old Josie Cohan. She is best known as the younger daughter, Kay, in Le roman de Mildred Pierce (1945) with Joan Crawford and Ann Blyth.Jo Ann left acting and went on to law school at Loyola University in Los Angeles and became a lawyer.On September 10, 1960 she married John F. Dunne in California. The couple had a daughter, Kimberly who was born in 1963. The couple divorced in April 1968 in Los Angeles.Jo Ann was a Chief Trial Lawyer for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Los Angeles until she suffered injuries in an accident in the late 1960's. Jo Ann was left in a coma until her death more than 22 years later when she died at her mother Theora Mares' home in Los Angeles.Her mother Theora survived her until February 2011 when she passed away at age 96.Jo Ann and her parents are buried at San Fernando Mission cemetery.

  • Birthday

    Dec 15, 1935
  • Place of Birth

    Schuyler, Nebraska, USA

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