Jenn Gotzon

Jenn Gotzon

actress, producer

Jenn Gotzon was born on May 18, 1979 in USA. Jenn Gotzon's big-screen debut came with Scenario for Delirium directed by Chris Armstrong in 2003. Jenn Gotzon is known for Hope for the Holidays directed by Ricky Borba, Doug Hutchison stars as Sergeant Babbitt and Sally Kirkland as Georgia. Jenn Gotzon has got 11 awards and 11 nominations so far. The most recent award Jenn Gotzon achieved is Christian Film Festival-Menchville Baptist Church. The upcoming new movie Jenn Gotzon plays is Past Shadows which will be released on Jan 30, 2021.

Jenn Gotzon's career break came playing Pres. Nixon's daughter Tricia in the Oscar-nominated "Frost/Nixon", which launched Gotzon starring in many family films on Amazon winning awards and nominations for The Farmer and The Belle: Saving Santaland, Doonby, God's Country, Forgiven, Unbridled and My Daddy Is In Heaven. Producer, speaker, author, jewelry creator, International model and award-winning actress, Jenn Gotzon brings a natural radiance, emotional depth and transformed ability to the protagonist roles she plays on-screen revealing hope to the human condition.Gotzon is married to her actor-producer husband Jim E. Chandler sharing their love story in "The Farmer and The Belle: Saving Santaland," a funny Christmas movie for the family. The movie has a message to bring value about inner beauty to girls and women inspired by Gotzon's personal life. Gotzon created the #Beauty Bracelet with five charms (smooth, coin sized with a Tiffany inspired chain) engraved with affirmative sayings to overcome life's lies about your physical appearance. This bracelet is the main story point in the family, Christmas movie, "The Farmer and The Belle: Saving Santaland" and is selling on QVC. Gotzon also co-authored with Michelle Cox (Hallmark's When God Calls the Heart) her first book, a devotional that unlocks revelation to the #Beauty Bracelet called Divine Beauty: Becoming Beautiful based on God's Truth. All products can be purchased at 2 Oscar-nominated films, under her belt, playing historical characters - Tricia Nixon in Ron Howard's "Frost/Nixon" & British captive Lydia in "Alone Yet Not Alone" - Jenn's developed an uplifting brand as an American leading lady in wholesome and redemptive movies. Jenn Gotzon appears as the cover model on several magazines including Valley Social who printed, "Gotzon continuously garners awards for her Meryl Streep chameleon-like transformations" inspired from the Hollywood casting director Bill Dance after he saw Jenn win "Best Actress" for her protagonist role in short film "Stained." He told the press, "I felt like I was watching a young Meryl Streep on screen."Top film critic in the family market, Ted Baehr with Movieguide, states, "Jenn Gotzon reveals character with an extraordinary emotional range better than almost anyone in Hollywood today!" Ted has influenced Jenn's career as a mentor guiding her to strive for excellence in storytelling.Jenn has won awards from the Film Advisory Board for her performance as a destructive alcoholic party girl in "Doonby" opposite of John Schneider and Ernie Hudson. Followed by a festival "Best Actress" nod for her role as the Ferrari-driving egocentric firm partner in "God's Country." She received best actress for "Forgiven" playing hostage bound pastor's daughter and good-nature, adulterated wife in "The Good Book." Gotzon received recent success for bringing harmony to the racial divide through her first comedic role in the trending award-winning comedy "Love Different." Jenn's movies sell strong to her loyal following in the faith & family market: USA, Brazil, Europe & Asia.From a small country town in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, Gotzon was raised in the church by supportive parents Ronnie and Jo-Ann who encouraged her to be active in sports and school activities. She became an all-star softball player, avid skier and learned leadership in student council. Her mom taught her how to pray and have faith, while her dad instilled stamina and confidence in her creativity saying, "If it were easy, everyone would do it."Jenn warmly appreciates Chartreuse Talent Management in Allentown, PA who got her started with acting classes, pageants and public speaking at age 15. Her dedication to personal growth lead her to continue her education at The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts two-year program in NYC and Joanne Baron / DW Brown Studio two-year conservatory in LA. In 1998, Gotzon moved to Orlando, FL to be a dancer for Walt Disney World's Entertainment Department as Sassy Buzz in the inaugural parade for the brand new Animal Kingdom. She is proud to say she is now fluent in Bumble Bee. Eventually, Gotzon made her way out west working in human resources for Google acclimating googles. In 2002, she landed her first protagonist role in romantic-drama "Julie and Jack" (directed by James Nguyen best known for his cult-classic "Birdemic") earning her a Best Actress award in the San Francisco independent film market. Finally, she journeyed south of San Francisco to the lights and glamour of Hollywood. She learned about Studio productions by doing stand-in work and made featured appearances on TV shows "Pushing Daisies", "House", "CSI: NY" and films "Yes Man" and "500 Days of Summer".In 2008, she was blessed to help make cinematic history by starring in the dramatic short film "Stained" which was the first film ever shot on the RED Camera to win multiple awards at a film festival pulling in an astounding 13 accolades including a Best Actress award to Gotzon. A few months later, she received the Rising Star award for her ROM-com short "Chemistry" where festival judges started saying, "Jenn Gotzon has the effervescence of Reese Witherspoon and the emotional depth of Kate Winslet."Later that year, her career exploded on the red carpet at the world premiere of "Frost/Nixon" in London at the BFI Film Festival. Her attributes were championed and encouraged by her late publicist and dear friend, Scotty Dugan. His red carpet vision came to fruition with Gotzon gracing the covers of magazines, newspapers and even appeared as a guest speaker for the Academy at the Aspen Academy Film Screening for her involvement playing one of the First Family members. Even though her character Tricia was in six scenes and all cut out to a few glimpses, independent filmmakers saw Gotzon's star rising.In March 2010, Jenn was offered her first major lead role in "Doonby" surrounded by a veteran all-star cast: John Schneider, Ernie Hudson and Robert Davi. Since then, Jenn Gotzon has starred in over 20 film and television productions many of which were directly offered. She is proud to say that every one of these roles have remained in line with her passion: to entertain, to impact, to inspire and ultimately bring hope to audiences everywhere. Gotzon has a motivational speaking program called "Inspiring Audiences" where she travels nationwide and pioneers opportunities to show the movies she stars in, followed by in-depth conversation about moral lessons of the movie and an innovative exercise to help people grasp the passions of their heart to begin living their dreams.Because of Jenn's brand to impact and inspire audiences, in 2014, China's most famous celebrity makeup artist, Brother Zhen, hired Jenn Gotzon to be the face of his company Jubilee. Her chameleon looks have her appearing on billboards and advertisements across Asia until 2018. Brother Zhen and his extraordinary team transformed Jenn into some of the most fascinating art depicted in photography. Some of those pictures are in the IMDb gallery.

  • Birthday

    May 18, 1979
  • Place of Birth

    Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA

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11 wins & 11 nominations

Christian Film Festival-Menchville Baptist Church
The Reliant (2019)
Winner - Best Actress Supporting
Great Lakes Christian Film Festival
Best Ensemble Cast
Winner - Festival Award
Best Actress
Winner - Festival Award
Best Feature Film
Winner - Festival Award
Best Supporting Actress
Winner - Festival Award
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