Jeffrey Ross

Jeffrey Ross

actor, writer, producer

Jeffrey Ross was born on Sep 13, 1965 in USA. Jeffrey Ross's big-screen debut came with Jeffrey directed by Christopher Ashley in 1995, strarring Movie Theatre Guy #2. Jeffrey Ross is known for The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse directed by Eddie Trigueros, Chris Diamantopoulos stars as Mickey Mouse and Kaitlyn Robrock as Minnie Mouse. The upcoming new tvshow Jeffrey Ross plays is The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse - Season 2 which will be released on Nov 18, 2020.

Jeff Ross is an actor, writer, director, producer, and comedian, originally from Newark, New Jersey. Despite being a shlub, Ross has accomplished a lot in his life. He's done everything from roasting almost dead guys at the Friars Club, to playing a dead guy on a 2003 episode of the smash hit TV show, Les Experts (2000). As a stand-up comic, Jeff has appeared on dozens of TV shows including Late Show with David Letterman (1993), Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2003), The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992), The View (2001), Real Time with Bill Maher (2003), Celebrity Poker Showdown (2003), Dinner for Five (2001), Pet Star (2002) Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon (1966).He recently directed his first film, 'Patriot Act: A Jeffrey Ross Home Movie (2005)' which chronicles his week-long trip entertaining U.S. soldiers stationed around Iraq's Sunni Triangle. The film has appeared at numerous festivals and won an honorable mention during the Hampton's International Film Festival's prestigious Films of Conflict and Resolution program.His blistering performances at celebrity roasts for the likes of Hugh Hefner, Donald Trump, Jerry Stiller, Drew Carey, Shaquille O'Neal, New York Yankee's manager Joe Torre, Kelsey Grammer, and Rob Reiner, inspired New York Magazine to crown him The Meanest Man in Comedy.Besides being a former board member of the Friars Club, Jeff has produced numerous celebrity roasts for Comedy Central and executive produced and hosted the highly rated and hilarious re-imagination of the roasts, MTV Bash: Carson Daly (2003) featuring stars Madonna, Eminem, Britney Spears, 'Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs', Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman, Andy Dick, Kid Rock, and Nelly bashing the guest of honor for charity.In addition to Jeff's 2003 dramatic turn on Les Experts (2000) he has appeared on Six pieds sous terre (2001) and in the films, Deux en un (2003), Polly et moi (2004), National Security (2003) and The Aristocrats (2005).Jeff has also written for some cool shows including the MTV Video Music Awards for hosts Jamie Foxx and Chris Rock and The Oscars for host Billy Crystal. He's also helped write the first season of The Man Show (1999) on Comedy Central and punches up movies for big shots like The Farrelley Brothers and Jeffrey Katzenberg.Recent acting roles include Fox's one hour drama pilot "Boomerang", produced by John Wells. Jeff is the creator and star of "The Burn With Jeff Ross" on Comedy Central as well as a producer and star of that network's wildly popular celebrity roast franchise. Recent writing credits include the screenplay "The Comedian" (co-written with Art Linson) and the book, "I Only Roast The Ones I Love" published by Simon & Schuster. Jeff also tours the world performing live as "The Roastmaster General".

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    Sep 13, 1965
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    New Jersey, USA

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