Jeanne Moreau

Jeanne Moreau

actress, director, writer

Jeanne Moreau was born on Jan 23, 1928 in France. Jeanne Moreau's big-screen debut came with Dernier amour directed by Jean Stelli in 1949. Jeanne Moreau is known for Time to Leave directed by François Ozon, Melvil Poupaud stars as Romain and Jeanne Moreau as Laura. Jeanne Moreau has got 24 awards and 11 nominations so far. The most recent award Jeanne Moreau achieved is César Awards, France. The upcoming new movie Jeanne Moreau plays is Le talent de mes amis which will be released on Dec 11, 2015.

When people gave Louis Malle credit for making a star of Jeanne Moreau in Ascenseur pour l'échafaud (1958) immediately followed by Les amants (1958), he would point out that Moreau by that time had already been "recognized as the prime stage actress of her generation." She had made it to the Comédie Française in her 20s. She had appeared in B-movie thrillers with Jean Gabin and Ascenseur was in that genre. The technicians at the film lab went to the producer after seeing the first week of dailies for Ascenseur and said: "You must not let Malle destroy Jeanne Moreau". Malle explained: "She was lit only by the windows of the Champs Elysées. That had never been done. Cameramen would have forced her to wear a lot of make-up and they would put a lot of light on her, because, supposedly, her face was not photogenic". This lack of artifice revealed Moreau's "essential qualities: she could be almost ugly and then ten seconds later she would turn her face and would be incredibly attractive. But she would be herself".Moreau has told interviewers that the characters she played were not her. But even the most famous film critic of his generation, Roger Ebert, thinks that she is a lot like her most enduring role, Catherine in François Truffaut's Jules et Jim (1962). Behind those eyes and that enigmatic smile is a woman with a mind. In a review of Screen Two: The Clothes in the Wardrobe (1993) Ebert wrote: "Jeanne Moreau has been a treasure of the movies for 35 years... Here, playing a flamboyant woman who nevertheless keeps her real thoughts closely guarded, she brings about a final scene of poetic justice as perfect as it is unexpected".Moreau made her debut as a director in Lumière (1976) -- also writing the script and playing Sarah, an actress the same age as Moreau whose romances are often with directors for the duration of making a film. She made several films with Malle.Still active in international cinema, Moreau presided over the jury of the 1995 Cannes Film Festival.

  • Birthday

    Jan 23, 1928
  • Place of Birth

    Paris, France

Known For


24 wins & 11 nominations

César Awards, France
60 years of cinema.
Winner - Honorary César
Winner - Honorary César
Best Actress (Meilleure actrice)
Winner - César
La vieille qui marchait dans la mer (1991)
Moscow International Film Festival
Winner - Stanislavsky Prize
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