James Francis Kelly III

James Francis Kelly III

producer, actor

James Francis Kelly III was born on Aug 01, 1989 in USA. James Francis Kelly III's big-screen debut came with Rocky Balboa directed by Sylvester Stallone in 2006, strarring Steps. James Francis Kelly III is known for The Next Three Days directed by Paul Haggis, Russell Crowe stars as John Brennan and Elizabeth Banks as Lara Brennan. The upcoming new movie James Francis Kelly III plays is The Next Three Days which will be released on Nov 19, 2010.

To say that James Francis Kelly III is an exceptional young man would be putting it mildly. At the age of sixteen James is on the verge of becoming a household Hollywood name. With his role in "Rocky Balboa," the sixth film from Sylvester Stallone, James is preparing for the next step.Whatever the next step may be, one thing is certain, James Francis Kelly III is ready. His background in theatre, athletics and academics has given him a breadth of skill and a depth of knowledge uncommonly seen in a teenager. His mature and confident nature make an immediate impact, as they obviously did on Stallone, who cast Kelly to play Steps, the troubled son of a down-on-her luck parent in the film, slated for a December release.While honing his acting skills training at the Lee Strasberg Institute, James was singled out at the young age of nine to act as an assistant acting teacher for summer theatre. He has quietly been perfecting his craft since the age of four and now, as he stands on Hollywood's doorstep, he is ready to make his place.Epitomizing the term "well-rounded," as a high school junior James is already being recruited to play football at many of the nation's top schools-but his passion is for acting. Although he is a captain on his varsity football team, James has also practiced Muai Thai, a traditional form of Thai self-defense, for many years as well as playing other sports such as soccer and racquetball.Also unlike many young adults, James is interested in his cultural background, which has proven to be inspirational. Born to an African-American/Native American mother and a father who is second generation Irish. James has benefited from each of these cultures. Last summer James was adopted into the Crow Nation and given his formal Indian name, "Kawaysash," which means "he who does not give up."And it is obvious that James Francis Kelly III is not going to give up. He has already proven that whatever the future holds, he will thrive. Renee Missel is James personal manager and American Artists Group Management is his business manager.

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    Aug 01, 1989
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    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
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