Ian McCulloch

Ian McCulloch

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Ian McCulloch was born on Nov 18, 1939 in UK. Ian McCulloch's big-screen debut came with Where Eagles Dare directed by Brian G. Hutton in 1968, strarring German Officer (uncredited). Ian McCulloch is known for Behind the Scenes of Total Hell: The Jamie Gunn Chronicles directed by Andy Wilton, Grey McCulloch stars as Jamie Gunn and Sam Smart as Raul Kemp. The upcoming new movie Ian McCulloch plays is I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore which will be released on Feb 24, 2017.

Ian McCulloch is a sandy haired, authoritarian-looking Scottish actor who has achieved fame in several cult television and film productions. He first became a household name via his central performance as Greg Preston in Terry Nation's popular BBC television series Survivors (1975), about a genetically engineered germ plague that nearly wipes out the entire population of the earth.He then starred in several notoriously violent Italian made horror films of the early 1980s that were part of the "video nasty" controversy within the UK. McCulloch was the male lead in the Romero inspired L'Enfer des zombies (1979) aka "Zombi 2" directed by Lucio Fulci, he was back battling more living dead in La Terreur des zombies (1980) aka "Dr Butcher MD" directed by Marino Girolami, and then McCulloch took on interplanetary invaders in the Alien - Le 8ème passager (1979) rip-off Contamination (1980), directed by Luigi Cozzi.McCulloch returned to BBC television, which included playing a villain in Docteur Who: Warriors of the Deep: Part One (1984), another role he is well-remembered for by cult television fans, not least because the story featured quite possibly the most unconvincing monster in the history of the series.

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    Nov 18, 1939
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    Glasgow, Scotland, UK
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