Harry Essex

Harry Essex

writer, director, producer

Harry Essex was born on Nov 29, 1910 in USA. Harry Essex's big-screen debut came with Man Made Monster directed by George Waggner in 1941. Harry Essex is known for The Sons of Katie Elder directed by Henry Hathaway, John Wayne stars as John Elder and Dean Martin as Tom Elder. The upcoming new movie Harry Essex plays is Hostage Flight which will be released on Nov 17, 1985.

New York-born Harry Essex planned on a writing career throughout his young life. Among his first jobs were stints on the New York newspapers "The Daily Mirror" and "The Brooklyn Eagle", short stories for "Collier's" and "The Saturday Evening Post" and even a Broadway play titled "Something for Nothing" (which Essex later called "a resounding failure"). Writing for the movies was uppermost in Essex's mind throughout the period (and he DID co-write the original story for Universal's Man-Made Monster (1941)), but "the big break" never came, and World War II intervened. Five or six days after Essex's discharge, he ran into an old acquaintance whose new job was finding playwrights to turn into screenwriters for Columbia Pictures. Essex wrote or co-wrote dozens of movies and numerous TV shows during his lengthy Hollywood career.

  • Birthday

    Nov 29, 1910
  • Place of Birth

    New York City, New York, USA